How To Promote Affiliate Products
Using Solo Build It...

Many new affiliates think that all they have to do to make sales is load up their website's pages with affiliate links and banners and then sit back while the profits roll in.

Unfortunately, this strategy is practically doomed to failure, and even if you do make a few sales, your chances of building a real long-term, highly profitable business like this are virtually zero. 

There is just too much competition in every market you can think of for you to succeed in a big way by simply waiting for 'passive' sales to come along like this, unless you have thousands of pages and millions of visitors a month. 

Fortunately there is a way to tilt the odds of making affiliate sales in your favour...

In this video, I show you how I promote three top selling affiliate products from one of my Solo Build It sites using an 'active' affiliate marketing strategy that you can model and adapt to your market which generates a much higher conversation rate of visitors to sales than simply putting up a few affiliate links and hoping for the best.

To watch the video, just turn up your speakers and hit 'Play'

The pages I'm referring to in the video are -

Main page URL - 

Example second tier page - 

Affiliate Review page - 

My autoresponder service - Aweber

For your site, you would likely have tier two pages that are related to the main categories of your niche, and tier three pages that are built around long-tail, multi-word phrases that go more deeply into each topic related to that category.

Each of these pages (in addition to your home page and tier two pages) would link to your review page or different versions of your review page. 

It's always wise to test different versions of your review pages to find which style converts best for your market. The example above is just one type, and a good way to find other variations is to do a search for 'your niche market' reviews and see what other people are doing.

For example, if you sell dog training products, you'd search for dog training reviews and spy on what other people are doing, especially people who are advertising using google Adwords. If they are paying for traffic, they are more likely to be using a review page format they've tested that actually works in your market, so theirs is a good model to follow.

I hope this helps you to promote affiliate products in your niche market

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P.S. I'd love to hear your feedback and comments on this strategy, so feel free to let me know your thoughts by using this form.