Watch This Update Video Now...

If you want in, follow these instructions (I'll be taking this video down in a few days) -

Go to my website: (opens in a new window)

Click on Buy Now. Then tick the Purchase box and Submit. Then follow the prompts. You can use a credit card.

At the end of the payment procedure make sure you click on the button that returns you to the Roving Rewards site (although I am told that is about to be removed, so don't worry if it doesn't appear). Just make sure you follow all the prompts. Quite a few have discovered that after they have signed up for the course they don't get directed back to Roving Rewards. So watch carefully for this instruction.

If it all goes wrong, yell: "Help! Rocky!"

You have now signed up for the course. Next you will be directed to sign up as an affiliate. Again, just follow all the prompts.

You will receive an email from PayPal confirming your payment for the course. After that you will receive an email from Roving Rewards with your password etc. as an affiliate, and your website address (which will be similar to mine but with a different number at the end).

Then open a PayPal account (if you  don't already have one). You can sign up other people if you like, and earn a lot more commission, but you have to sign up 2 in order to qualify for commission, and you can do this later on once you see commissions in your account. You DO have to have a PayPal account to receive commission, so make sure you set this up and you add your Paypal address to your profile so they can pay you later.

To sign up others, just tell them to go to your website address and follow the procedure above. Your address will be the same as mine above, but with a different number at the end.

Then sit back and wait for the Chinese to make you money (letÂ’s hope). 

It's that simple.

IMPORTANT: As soon as you join, let me know by using this contact form and I will send you the download link to your bonuses.



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