Welcome To The Local Web Solutions
Sales Training Program

From this page, you can access all of the current and future training and presentation modules so you can get started right away.

Module 1 - Getting Started As A Local
Web Solutions Consultant

In this Module, you'll learn who we are, what we do and how you'll be helping your clients to increase their sales while cutting their marketing expenses.

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Module 2 - The Online Marketing Blueprint

In this Module, you'll discover the Online Marketing Blueprint and learn how to present it to your prospects.

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Module 3 - Presenting The Packages
To Your Prospects

In this Module, I'll share the packages you'll be selling and how to take your prospects through the process of getting the order

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Module 4 - The Magic 'Free Website Repair'
Client Getting Strategy

In this Module, you'll learn how to have dozens of clients calling you to take advantage of our irrestible Free Website Repair offer.

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I'll be adding a lot more training over the next few days, so keep an eye out for an email from me when new content is added.

I'm looking forward to sending you some big checks, so if there's anything I can do to help, or if you have any questions, please let me know by using this form.


*OUR LAWYERS INSIST WE MAKE THE FOLLOWING DISCLAIMER: These results ARE NOT TYPICAL which is why no specific income claims are made. Some members may make little or NO MONEY AT ALL with this program. Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance to your input, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions.



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