Are You Looking For An
SBI Special Offer?

If you are looking for an SBI special offer that doesn't just load you up with lots of junk, ebooks and software that you'll never use, this could be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why:

There are hundreds of Sitesell affiliates trying to sell Solo Build It these days, and there are various SBI special offers advertised all the time.

Most are pure crap (pardon my harsh words, but it's true...)

What's the use of getting yourself loaded up with a heap of additional stuff to read and software that won't help you, when what you really need is a mentor to guide and coach you as you build your SBI site.

Here's what I'll give you if you order Solo Build It through my affiliate link...

Here's my SBI special offer...

If qualify as a new Sitesell customer, I'll give you -

  • Unlimited personal email consultations over the next 6 months (or longer if you need it) where I will personally answer all of your questions for you.

I'll PERSONALLY answer your email questions, often by using an audio or video reply, so that you completely understand what steps you need to take to solve your problem.


I currently charge $200 an hour for one on one consulting and this consultation could be worth a lot of money to you if it helps to set your site up on a firm foundation right from the start (or avoid making a critical mistake).

Imagine having an experienced SBI Webmaster mentor and guide you through the initial stages of your new websites life... Value $1000

  • You'll get free instant access to my brand new Solo Build It Mastery Coaching Course by email, where I personally guide you step by step through the process of putting your first Solo Build It website together the 'right' way.

Every few days you'll get a new lesson, giving you guideposts to follow, little known resources that few people know about to help you, bonus eBooks and tutorials I've written and specific tasks to complete to keep you on track towards building your very own SBI site.

This course will make sure you won't be heading down countless blind alleys and wasting precious months chasing shadows.

I wrote these lessons to answer many of the questions that students and clients asked me as I helped them build their SBI websites...and you'll never see it advertised anywhere else. It's my free gift to you when you buy SBI through this page...Value $197

  • In addition to my personal email coaching and the SBI Coaching Course, you also get free access to my new Solo Build It Mastery Private Member's Area, where I answer dozens of questions other coaching members have already asked in detail.

This page also includes a growing number of Camtasia screen capture videos of many of the important parts of building your SBI website, along with Audio answers to many of my current student's questions. 

To watch one of the Camtasia videos to see what they look like, click on the 'Play' button below Twice!.

To listen to one of my audio answers, click here.

You'll find yourself returning to this valuable resource again and again for instant answers as you build your new site. I've spent over 100 hours answering these questions for my students, so at $200 an hour, you can work out what this is worth...Value? Let's be conservative and say $500 because you won't need all of these answers (less than 5 bucks an hour for my time...)

  • In addition to my personal email coaching and the SBI Mastery Coaching Course, I'll also send you a complete library of eBooks and other printed material valued at hundreds of dollars which I won't go into here to save you time...truth is, the bonus you really need and are going to be the most thankful for is the coaching and support.

To see a full list of the bonus ebooks you'll receive if you take me up on this limited offer, Click Here (opens in a new window so you won't lose your place)

And on that note...

Claim your Free Subscription to my 3-Part Supercharging Solo Build It Mini Course and Solo Build It newsletter...

If you can follow three simple and proven steps, you can work less and Make More Money With Solo Build It!

Sign up now to get instant access to my popular 39 Days eBook and my 3-Part Supercharging Solo Build It Mini Course that will teach you more about building a profitable web business than you've learnt in the past year. 

You'll get million dollar ideas and tips you can use right now to create more profit by working smarter not harder in your business. Learn and use the same simple strategies I've used to build five profitable Solo Build It websites so I can now work from home.

Stop struggling, and become part of the group who actually Make Money Online! 

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I hate Spam with a passion. Your email address is safe and will never be sold, rented or given to anyone else without your permission

The ebook is really great. There is so much junk out there about internet marketing, I really did not think I was going to find anything online that was actually useful, so thanks.

Susanne Runion


And also before we continue, I've created two short (3 minute) screen capture videos that give you a sneak-peak inside the Solo Build It Mastery Member's Area.

To watch them, please turn up your speakers and visit this page. (Also opens in a new window)

October 2007 Update: The Solo Build It Mastery Coaching Course that's included in this offer now has 53 lessons. To see what's covered, visit this page. (Opens in a new window)

A limited number of memberships available

First - This offer is only available to new Sitesell you qualify?

Unfortunately, many people don't.

To put it simply, if you have never -

  • Become a Sitesell Affiliate...or,

  • Purchased a product from Sitesell...or,

  • Downloaded Sitesell's free Make Your Content Presell ebook...or,

  • Visited the ILoveSBI Video site... or,

  • Visited Ken Evoy's Blog (and if you haven't yet, you should, click here to check it out - page opens in a new window)...or,

  • Registered with Sitesell's Value Exchange... should be eligible for this offer. 

Second - Due to the nature of the personal advice and support you'll be receiving, I have to limit numbers on a first-come first-served basis. This is to ensure that existing members and each new member can get the very best advice from my limited time.

So we must limit the number of new Solo Build It Mastery members to just 7 per month.

The point is, if you would like to join me, I urge you to do so right away. This offer will expire as soon as I reach 7 new members this month.

What if you decide to try Solo Build It and the Solo Build It Mastery program and then change your mind?

No problem. 

I want you to be happy with your membership and SBI. If you decide to join and then change your mind, that's fine. If you cancel within the first 30 days of your Solo Build It membership, you'll receive a full refund for every penny you paid us. And if you cancel at any time during the first year, you'll still be able to receive a refund on a prorated basis.

I honestly don't think you're going to get a better deal than this as you start out on your SBI journey. But if you already read any of my email messages or courses, I'm sure you know what I mean.

To take advantage of this limited-time opportunity, click here.

Here's What To Do Now

1) Bookmark this contact page (opens in a new window) so you know how to contact me to claim your bonuses and ask questions.

2) Order Solo Build It by clicking on this link and take it for a Risk Free 30 Day Trial. 

3) When you get your order confirmation email from Sitesell, simply email me by using the Contact Form and let me know your order number. 

This step is critical because Sitesell have recently stopped giving affiliates any information about buyers except for their first name. If you don't let me know you've ordered and tell me your order number, I won't be able to send you your bonuses or help you with your site.

Once you let me know and I've confirmed your order. I'll email you the download link for all your bonuses right away, plus I'll answer any initial questions you may have to help you get your new site up and running as quickly as possible.

4) Use the Brainstorm It module to research your options and test drive all the other SBI modules and tools for a full 30 days and put the system through it's paces. 

Go ahead and ask me 10, 20, or even 50 questions and get the answers you need from me personally. Then read through the private member's area and coaching course to see if Solo Build It is for you.

If it is, great, you're on your way to a creating a profitable web business.

If it's not, then simply grab a refund and you owe nothing.

Click Here To Order Your SBI Special Offer Package Now

Oh, and one last thing.

No matter whether you decide to buy Solo Build It! from me or register with Sitesell as mentioned above or not, I wish you all the best in your Business and your life. And as you build your SBI site, remember the secret I shared right at the start of this letter. 

People don't just want information, THEY WANT ADVICE. If you build your site around this principle you'll likely do very well. If you simply give people more INFORMATION, you could very well be wasting your time...

Take care, and best wishes,

P.S. PS: Remember, this SBI special offer of Solo Build It Mastery membership is only open to 7 students each month. To make sure you grab your spot – please Click Here Now to grab this offer.

P.P.S. And remember, if you already have Solo Build It and you'd like to get your hands on our step by step guide to supercharging your current SBI site and see another you can get access to nearly everything mentioned here, visit this page for all the details.

Some Comments From Some Of My Current SBI Mastery Program Members...

Thanks Rocky,


You don't know how much better I feel now that I've gotten some great advice from an experienced marketer as well as a Professional SBI marketer.


It is good to know that I've joined a program where the members are kind enough to help out their fellow members. I will not forget you and later on if I ever have personal contact with Ken Evoy I will certainly let him know how kind and helpful you were to me.


Also thanks for the information on getting high Search Engine rankings by making my URL's very similar. I can handle that in some way I'm sure. I was getting worried about ever coming up with an idea for my SBI site but now I feel so much better that I've found the solution to that problem.


Roger Bell


Hi Rocky,

Thanks so much for your generosity, and for your feedback.

I feel fortunate to have been a part of your coaching "family".



Hi Rocky,

Thanks. What a simple and brilliant idea! Duh.....that never would have occurred to me, I've been so stuck in "paralysis by analysis," trying to decide on my SBI topic.

You have been a wonderful resource and always reply to questions very quickly. I couldn't have been happier with any other SBI affiliate

Thanks again!

Glenna Bailey

Hi Rocky,

All I can say is that your coaching has been beneficial to me. 


Ray Oberreuter

Hi Rocky,

I have found you to be a big help to me as I am completely new to this and had no Idea what I was doing. I still have a ways to go but know I can count on you to continue helping me get there.

Barbara King

Hi Rocky, 

I just wanted to let you know that since you helped me optimize and submit my site to Yahoo and MSN (using my blog) 6 weeks ago, I've noticed an increase in the number of highly ranked pages I have in these search engines and my daily visitor numbers have increased by more than 50% 

Here's some examples from Yahoo - I have one page ranked #1 out of 5,370,000 results, another ranked #2 out of 1,200,000 results, and two pages ranked #6 and #7 out of 31,700,000 and 23,200,000 pages respectively. 

In total, I now have 15 pages in the first 5 spaces with Yahoo!

At MSN I have two pages ranked #1 and 2 for one keyword out of 170,027 results and another page ranked #11 out of 1,800,000 pages. 

Thankyou for helping me achieve these terrific results. 

David Pix 

Hi Rocky, 

You are a genuine web coach who practices what he preaches!

You have already helped me so much with all your free advice and lessons in your email courses. 

I appreciate how you have already given me significant SBI training beyond what the action guide lays out.

I still need to redo my photos to get them properly up on google image searches. (one of your emails was very instructive.) 

I also read an MLM article you wrote that was "right on" as far as attracting "product endorsing" folks rather than getting a bunch of tire kickers through hyped up marketing pitches. 

Thanks again Rocky for your personal attention and personal response to my correspondence. 


Reverend Bill McBride


Thanks so much, for your input. I took a serious look and thought about what you had to say. Your thoughts made me think about the future of my web site as I continue to provide content.

Ever since I've worked with you, I've learned quite a bit about what makes a web site a success.

Things are still a bit new to me, but over time I'm sure if I continue to apply what I've learned, my web site at will be a great success.

Thanks Rocky


Samuel Whatley

Hi Rocky,

I'm very inspired by how you monetize these pages, and now understand what you've been telling me about how to do it.

Everything you've given me over the last few days has helped me immensely to focus more precisely on what I need to do now.

Your coaching and support have been superb, the very best. Those times when I have been in serious difficulties with one or another of the issues that arise when building a site, your generosity with your time and expertise never failed to help me solve the problems. 

Always inspiring and encouraging, that kind of support makes possible for me to feel I'm building a successful web site I will be proud of. 

Thanks again, my friend, for everything.

Cheers to you,

(Ms) Noel Wynn


Hi Rocky,

Thanks again for your input. Boy am I glad I signed up for SBI through you!!! You've been a God send!

Dave Seidler


Dear Rocky,

Has your coaching been helpful to me?


Without your help, guidance and support I would not be where I am today with my site. All of your advice has been pure gold. I took baby steps and you held my hand. I am now walking on my own but I will hold you in high esteem forever. Thanks ever so much Rocky.


Hi Rocky,

Thank you for such a detailed answer! Great stuff.

Looks like I have some work to do. I will back in touch when I get a bit farther down the path.

Thank you again,

Peter Toth


Dear Rocky,

Wow! Thank you for all of this information - I will look through it all carefully. You have given me inspiration to go on when I was beginning to think there wasn't anything I could possibly be qualified to do on the internet that hadn't been oversupplied already! I will find something. I know I have the BAM and now I've got the system (SBI!) and a great mentor!

Good to know you're a fellow Aussie too.

Warmest appreciation,

Tabitha Robortella

Hi Rocky, 

I do want to thank you so much for your quick and thorough responses to my questions. I am amazed at the amount of information you manage to deliver. Your written feedback and formal lessons are terrific, but I also find that your videos are especially well put together, clear, helpful, and instructive.

You give an awful lot of personal attention that can never be automated - and beyond the initial fee, it's all been FREE! 

Thanks for everything - I mean it!

Paul Rademacher