The 4th Big Mistake Solo Build It
Owners Tend To Make...

There's something I have to tell you that goes hand in hand with the other three biggest mistakes I see SBI owners doing all the time, which causes them to keep working hard on their businesses trying to find new customers, and it's this...

They don't follow up!

They often pay for traffic, they find anything from a few to a lot of good link partners, they write articles and send them to article directories and other website owners, they capture their visitors' names and get them onto a list...

...and then they don't follow up with them.

Listen up here, because this is important!

As I said in the last message, the money is in the list. Best selling Author Robert Allen says that you can make a fortune with a list of just 10,000 subscribers. And he has nearly a million names now...

If you have 10,000 subscribers who are happy to hear from you, every time you send them a message, you'll make money...every time! Imagine having a million people waiting for your messages!

Dan Kennedy has clients who make a million dollars a year from a good list of just 1000 people (and he has stats to show that the bulk of this comes from a very small proportion of those 1000 people as well).

Bit it's only in the list if you continue to send out messages, articles, offers and tips to these people who are waiting to hear from you.

At the start, it can be hard to justify the time when you are only writing to maybe a handful of subscribers. But over time, your list will grow, and once it reaches critical mass...magic happens -

  • You start to make money...

  • People start to buy the products and services you recommend...

  • They start to click on your Adsense ads...

  • And suddenly, you have an online business that's actually working. You can leave your day job and start enjoying life.

But it doesn't happen overnight.

You have to work at it, but if you do, you can succeed.

So once you've built a list, follow up regularly (at least every two weeks) and keep in touch.

You'll be amazed at what happens.

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That's it for today, until next time,


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Here's what Roger Bell said about the help and coaching I'd given him so far -


Thanks Rocky,

You don't know how much better I feel now that I've gotten some great advice from an experienced marketer as well as a Professional SBI marketer.

It is good to know that I've joined a program where the members are kind enough to help out their fellow members. 

I will not forget you and later on if I ever have personal contact with Ken Evoy I will certainly let him know how kind and helpful you were to me.

Also thanks for the information on getting high Search Engine rankings by making my URL's very similar. 

I can handle that in some way I'm sure. I was getting worried about ever coming up with an idea for my SBI site but now I feel so much better that I've found the solution to that problem.

Roger Bell


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