Here's The #1 Mistake I See
Solo Build It Owners Making...

There are many mistakes new web business owners make (I know, I made all of them when I started :-) but there is one that costs them months and often years of valuable time that practically every one makes that's so easy to fix that it breaks my heart.

The first big mistake I see many first time Solo Build It! owners making is not paying for traffic in the early stages of their website's life.

Before we go on, please take three minutes to listen to the audio message below -

The Problem With Relying On Search Engine Traffic

I know, Ken says that free traffic from the search engines is the way to go, and he's certainly right.

As I mentioned in the audio above, the problem is that it can take many months for that free traffic to start showing up, and in the mean time, people are getting discouraged and often give up, just before they start to see results.

We certainly live in a microwave World these days...we want everything now, preferably yesterday, as cheap as we can in many cases, and we can't wait for anything.

I've seen many people work for 6 months building up a great theme based content website, and just when they were about to succeed and the free traffic was coming over the hill, they lost enthusiasm for what they had created because it wasn't making money quickly enough.

Listen to me carefully here...

It's OK To Pay For Traffic To Start The Ball Rolling

It's a good idea to pay for traffic to your site when you're just starting out, but you've got to do it intelligently of course. If you don't, you'll have a whole lotta pain with not much to show for your money.

But buying traffic using carefully selected keywords on Google and Yahoo Search is a legitimate way to start making money from your website sooner rather than later.

As I said, it takes knowledge and a strategy to make it work, but it is a way to quickly make your new Solo Build It! site profitable and rekindle your enthusiasm if you're waiting to see results.

Having too many visitors is a problem most website owners would love to have. A large and growing stream of traffic allows you to set up systems that produce ongoing inc0me streams and put them on autopilot.

So remember, once you have a few properly set up pages (and you have a way of capturing your visitors' name and email address), pay for some traffic and start building a relationship with your visitors through your newsletter straight away.

Don't wait for search engine traffic to turn up because it can take several months for that to happen. Plus, search engine traffic is notoriously unreliable. If you base your entire future on a continuous supply of search engine traffic alone, you're on very shaky ground.

You've gotta diversify your traffic streams and small ads are one way of doing this.

Another Great Way To Get Targeted Visitors Quickly

The second way I alluded to in the audio above is explained fully in the 9 minute video below. Please take time out right now to watch this, it could be worth a fortune to you...

If you seriously want to get the most out of your new web business in the years ahead, you'll start to build a personal brand using one or more of the social networking methods I mentioned in the video above.

Tomorrow, we'll look at the absolute best way of diversifying your traffic streams.

It's inexpensive, it's powerful, and only about 1% of Solo Build It! owners are doing it right.

Until tomorrow,


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