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I've Made This Mistake Number Three In
The Series, But It's Probably The Biggest
Reason Website Owners Don't Make As
Much Money As The Could...

We've already looked at two of the biggest mistakes most website owners make - waiting for free traffic and not getting good quality incoming links, probably the biggest mistake people make is trying to sell their products or services on the first visit and not building a list of future customers. 

We've already alluded to this in the previous two messages, but it still amazes me that so few people treat list building with the urgency it requires.

It's proven that over 98% of people who visit a website for the first time will leave without buying anything. By capturing your visitor's name and email address, you have a chance to build a relationship with her and eventually turn her into a customer over time as she comes to like and trust you.

The bottom line is this -

Instead of trying to make a one shot sale, focus your marketing efforts on getting your visitors to opt-in to a mini course or some other offer where they have to give you their name and email  address to access the information.

Then follow up regularly with quality free information and offers related to your prospect's area of interest, and you have multiple chances to make a sale from people who know and trust you instead of one chance with a person who doesn't know you yet or care who you are.

You'll see that all the best Internet marketers use mini courses, free eBooks or some other bonus to encourage visitors to opt-in to a series of follow up messages - you should be doing the same.

By building a list of prospects who are interested in your area of expertise, you are creating a real asset - as smart marketers say...the money is in the list.

In fact, marketing genius Dan Kennedy says that the only real asset a business has with unlimited leverage is it's customer list.

Everything else depends on having a loyal list of repeat customers - without this, you have no business.

Having a list of prospects and customers who know and like you, set up in an autoresponder system to automate most of your follow-up, is one of the surest ways of setting up auto-pilot streams of income from your web business you'll ever find.

Building a customer list is your #1 priority - start today...

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I had to laugh; yesterday I mentioned Elad's second video at the I Love SBI site (you know, the one with the chicken in it) and one reader had to ask, so I can say that No, there were no chickens harmed in the making of Elad's video...

If you didn't see it yet, here it is...

One final thing for today. Many people ask me if SBI is any good for creating affiliate sites. I've created s short audio answer that's got some great tips on how to build a profitable affiliate site no matter if you are using SBI or not.

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