Top Sales Professional Wanted Now!

Could you be the great sales person I’m looking for to work part-time (leading to full time in the future) and handle the sales presentations for my growing consulting business?

I’m an enthusiastic business owner based in Cedar Vale who excels in helping small business clients increase sales and profits by using email marketing, online marketing and social media, and I need a very organized, experienced business to business sales person to speak with prospects and present proposals to clients.

I’ve just spent the morning perfecting a client’s new web marketing system, and talking with members of my worldwide team to make sure everything gets implemented correctly, but it’s only 10.30 am and I’m done for the day.

The problem is, I have the time and resources to help a LOT more clients, I have a proven system for generating leads, but I’m just not that good at face to face sales and presenting proposals to clients. I can do it, but I don’t really enjoy it, and because of that, it’s just not the most efficient use of my skills and experience.

That's where you come in…

I need a sales professional who can help me to ramp up this business quickly. You’ll be working part-time to start with (so you can stay with your current job if you want to) while we gauge how fast the growth is going to be, but if it works out as I expect, then my business model is totally scalable and your earnings will be virtually unlimited.

Why Is This Such A Unique Opportunity? 

Because unlike most sales positions, I have developed a system that offers your clients what I call results in advance, so there's virtually zero sales resistance when you are presenting your proposal. 

Your prospects get to test drive the first part of this system without cost or obligation, and see the profits it produces for themselves, before they have to invest any money. 

Unlike typical products and services which require an up-front investment by the client, with no guarantee of any sort of return, this results in advance strategy makes prospects saying yes to at least testing this service virtually inevitable, since clients only pay us out of the increased profits they make.

Once they see the results, they are usually hooked on the idea and want to take it further.

But it gets even better...

Once we have proven we can increase each client's profits, we then upsell them with a range of additional products and services, which will be well received, since they will be paying for them out of the additional profits we have already make for their business.

Just some of the additional services you will earn commissions on include -

  • A range of proven email marketing campaigns focused on increasing your client's profits on a regular (at least monthly) basis. This will generate a constant flow of new commissions for you after each successful promotion

  • Website marketing advice and systems to increase their visitor traffic, conversions and profits. Clients will pay for this service up front, and many will also pay an ongoing monthly management fee as well

  • Online video marketing which will help to generate more website traffic, meaning more profits for your client

  • Facebook marketing will also increase sales for your clients, giving them more money to invest in further marketing with you

  • Online reputation management including leveraging Web 2.0 properties to increase brand awareness and minimise the impact of competitors trying to undermine them online

  • Product Launch Management - This is a real sleeper, and can result in windfall profits for your clients (and you). These are typically done on a profit share basis, meaning open ended profits from each new launch

  • Joint Venture and Affiliate Program implementation and management - The best way to generate massive sales quickly is to recruit a group of joint venture partners and affiliates to do the selling for you. This will not be applicable to every client, but we are in a position to help a percentage of your clients double their business income with very little effort on their part

Can You See The Potential
Of This Opportunity?

So my question to you is this - can you help make my client contact and sales presentation headaches vanish by taking over this critical part of my business for me?

Are you somebody who is superb at setting up appointments, consultative selling, and getting people to buy into your ideas… a loyal, hardworking get-out-there-and-sell type person who always follows through and almost never misses a sales target… you’re so productive your last employer considered hiring two people to replace you after you left?

Are you an somebody who’s comfortable selling a much-needed, high-value professional service to small business owners… comfortable in a small business environment where priorities can change quickly… a super organized get-it-done type person who’s comfortable selling on the phone and in person?

And are you capable of becoming a Sales Manager and ultimately my VP of Marketing, and training a team of high performance sales people as the business grows?

If so, we should talk, because you might just be the person I’m looking for to help me take my business to the next level. You’ll have expert marketing and lead generation support, and I’ll give you full initial and ongoing training in the system I use and how to sell it effectively.

This is a 100% commission based, contact position so you'll need (or be willing to obtain immediately) an ABN and submit invoices to me for payment of your commissions monthly. You'll also be required to sign a binding non-disclosure agreement and a non-compete agreement before I share this proprietary system with you.

The hours are negotiable, and you’ll be paid a generous commission for all sales you bring in on a contract basis. And if you are a real star, I’ll cut you into the business with a profit share after you prove yourself.  

Think You Are The Person I’m Looking For? 

For more details, simply let me know you are interested right now by using the form below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Hopefully with your help, we'll be able to help a lot more clients to substantially increase their small business profits!

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