Two Simple Strategies For
Unlimited Success...

I recently read some advice that Billionaire H.L. Hunt shared with many people in his circle of influence, and I had to share it with you

Bunker was born into a farming community, he worked hard to try to make something of himself, but ended up bankrupt for his trouble.

But after pulling himself together and applying what you are about to learn, he became extremely successful.

His advice for anybody who feels like their life isn't as they would like it to be is amazingly simple. And sometimes very difficult at the same time.

His Advice?

1) Put your life's goals in writing

2) Pay in advance

Your brain responds best to written commands. When you write down the things you want to achieve, whether your goals are for today, next week or 5 years from now, somehow your brain picks up the vibes and goes to work on helping you accomplish them.

You've no doubt seen this for yourself.

When you set up your day in your diary and plan your tasks and objectives, you tend to accomplish a lot more than on days where you just coast along without any sort of written plan to follow.

Writing down your goals is absolutely crucial to your long term success.

It stands to reason actually. The vast majority of the world's population never gets around to writing their goals on paper.

And as we know, the majority of the worlds population is dead broke, even people who live in so called 'wealthy' countries where opportunity abounds and making it should be relatively 'easy'.

Many people set goals in their heads and think that this will be enough. But a goal in your head is like an idea that comes and then is gone.

Don't risk it. Committing your goals to paper and reviewing them regularly ensures that they will be at the top of your thoughts as you go through your day. And then of course, you have to pay in advance.

What do I mean by paying in advance?

You've no doubt seen a farmer planting a crop.

He has no idea if his crop will actually grow, or if he will receive enough rain, or if a plague of locusts will destroy his hard work. He has little control over the price he will receive when he takes his produce to market or who will end up buying it from him.

Yet, he pays for his seed in advance. And when that seed grows into a beautiful, lush crop, he takes the results of his hard work to market and is rewarded because he paid for his seed and did the work in advance.

As online business owners, we need to do the same thing as out farmer.

Building a successful online business comes with a price. You have to pay in advance.

You have to be studying, learning and investing in your education all the time, to become what you want to be in the future. There's simply no way around it, you have to learn before you can earn :-).

When you pay in advance, another important thing happens. You are motivated to get things done because you've invested in yourself and you want to see the results from your investment.

Bottom line? Success ultimately comes from two simple factors...

1) Put your life's goals in writing

2) Pay In Advance

I know from personal experience that this works.

I never used to write down my goals, I always just 'knew' what they were. And I never got anywhere.

An old friend, let's call him David, has always set comprehensive, written goals in every area of his life, but particularly in the financial area.

He lived through the hard times, studied everything he could, found a mentor and learned some more... and he's now a millionaire several times over...

Now I set written goals and things are really starting to move for me as well :-)

And when I see would be online millionaires who don't invest a lot in information to move forward and make it to the next level...and when I hear them complain when they're asked to spend money on their education.

Or when I see them saying how expensive things are and how they 'can't afford it', then I know in my heart that unfortunately those people will probably never make have a profitable online business.

Information gives us the chance to make giant steps forward in our lives. It's that simple. I've invested heavily in information products over the last 3 years (when I couldn't really afford it) and like the farmer, continue to reap the profits.

Your life is in your control.

I can only give you the advice based on my own knowledge.

And I'll tell you this. Pay in advance. Learn what you have to. Pay the price now, and you'll more than get your reward with the combination of written goals and paying in advance.

To your unlimited success,


Your Personal Solo Build It Coach

P.S. If you have any stories about how written goals or paying in advance has helped (or even hindered) your progress, I'd love to hear from you. Just let me know by hitting the reply button on your browser or using this form.