I need a way forward but I can't buy SBI at the moment...

Question - I honestly don't have the cash right now to buy SBI. I will, but just not right now...

I'm keen to get started building an income online but I'm not sure which way to go. Where and how should I be looking? Are there any key areas that come to mind?

Answer - Maybe the way forward for you is to start a free Blog at www.blogger.com and begin promoting affiliate products and include Google Adsense there.

Choose a niche you are interested in, post one new post every day (even if that post contains information from other people that is newsworthy) and start to build a following.

Sign up for a free autoresponder account (do a google search for free autoresponders and you'll find lots) and start to build a list. 

Offer your subscribers valuable content and the occasional product (try to increase the value of affiliate products by offering unique bonuses like I do with my SBI offer and you'll make more sales) and you should be away.

To promote your blog, use articles submitted to article directories and press releases submitted to PR Web with links in each back to your blog and you'll start to build an income stream. 

I don't know if you subscribe to Jimmy Browns newsletter yet, but it gives you complete instructions on how to make your articles really pull in visitors to your site and then convert them into subscribers. 

For $10 a month, it's a no brainer and will return the cost many times if you implement what you learn. 

You can check it out here

It isn't as good as building a fully blown SBI site but it will give you a start and the things you'll learn will help you immensely in the future.

My Blogger blogs all bring in a small stream of income from Adsense and many people subscribe to my SBI mini course from these blogs so they do work.

Check out my friend Donna's site here -


She is starting to do very well with this site. I met Donna about 18 months ago and she was at her wits end. Now she speaks at seminars and is doing quite well. 

I had to poke and prod her sometimes to follow through with things and she has other mentors, but she got up off the floor and is really starting to make it online now. I'm very proud of her. 

She wants to become the blogging queen (like Alexandria is the Ezine queen) and I'm sure she can do it.

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