A Great Solo Build It Case Studies Example
To Model For Your Own Site...

I was just reading Marney's new case study for her Solo Build It site at www.artellawordsandart.com. She really has done wonders as far as building her business since her last case study update.

There are many lessons in her story that you can immediately apply to build your own business, so go ahead and read her latest case study here (the page opens in a new window) and then come back and I'll share my thoughts on how you can use what she is doing to really give your own Solo Build It results a boost.

OK, go there now by clicking here...

Great, you're back. Here's my thoughts on what you can do to use Marney's site as a model for your own...

First up, Marney says "Since my last update, our site (www.artellawordsandart.com) has continued to grow in many directions as we aim to pioneer a creative destination unlike any other on the Web.

"As you can see from our newly-designed home page, we now present Artella as an imaginary paradise - a set of enchanted islands that celebrate words, art, and spirit.

"Some of our newest additions in this destination include newly expanded Membership programs; The Artella Daily Muse, an online daily creativity newspaper; and the "Artella Cafe" - a thriving online community filled with forums, personal blogs, and art galleries... like a "MySpace" for artists, writers, and creative folks."

This is her USP or unique selling proposition

She is creating a DESTINATION where like minded people can meet up, discuss and share ideas and talk about their passion.

She has built in multiple streams of income that pay her day in, day out, and she is continuing to build on these as she becomes more successful.

Is there a way you can build a community like this this using the SBI Content 2.0 system to start with, or maybe use Infin It to create a forum if you are a little more adventurous? 

Could you add more income streams to your current site line Marney continues to do?

Sitesell Services or maybe Sitesell Coaching should be able help you with this if you aren't sure how to do the mechanics of it.

You could go ahead and join Marney's community and see how she does it, and use the ideas you get from her example to tell your Sitesell Services professional how you want your own forum or community set up.

Now bear in mind that just because she is using the Upload Your Own HTML system to build her site, which gives her a wide range of options for getting creative, there's no need for you to upload your own HTML in order to have a successful site.

It's the content and the community that helps you succeed, not the look and feel. Just start with the block by block page builder if you aren't ready for an HTML editor and work from there. If you do upload your own HTML then that's fine, but it's NOT required to succeed.

Jut wanted to make that crystal clear...

Then Marney says:

"When we add new components to Artella, it is never without a great deal of research, thought, and planning. 

"All of the things that we've added have been directly related to extensive surveys, polls, and discussions with creative folks, helping us get a real sense of what needs they have that are not yet being addressed online. 

"This is something I really learned from Sitesell: the importance of listening to heart of the customer to find out what is really needed and necessary, and not just what is "trendy" or "hot."

This is critical to your long term success. If you aren't sure what to write about next, and you are building a list like I've recommended you do on many occasions, then ask your readers what they want to know.

I get lots of questions from current coaching students, which gives me a good idea of what topics to write about. You should ask for questions from your as often as you can.

So, what's the best way to ask for questions?

Try this if you haven't asked for questions recently...

At the end of one of your newsletters, or as part of a solo message to your readers, add this -

In the mean time, I have a favor to ask. I've got some ideas for what I'll be sharing with you in the next couple of newsletters, but I want to make sure I answer the biggest questions you have about trying to [put your niche market or topic in here].

So, if you could sit on my porch with me for coffee and ask me any two questions about [your niche market or topic in here], what would they be? 

I really want to know... please press the reply button in your email program right now, type in a quick response, and then press your send button. 

With so many readers, I can't guarantee a personal response... but I can guarantee that I will personally read your email. 

So go ahead and let me know - what are the two most important things you need to know in order to [do something about your niche market or topic in here]?



P.S. I am dead serious about this - and I really DO value your feedback. I need your questions so I can make sure I cover everything you need to know... what are the two most important 
things you need to know about [your niche market or topic in here]? Please reply now...

Get the idea? 

You should find that between 10% and 30% of your readers will send you one or two questions, and then you'll never run out of content ideas (or product ideas?) for your market.

Next Marney says - "Artella's operations are run by a team of fifteen ultra-talented people who live all over the world, working from home. We work hard and have a lot of fun, too. The vast majority of them, I've never even met in person - but I feel like they are as close to me as family.

Outsourcing - this is another major key you your success - you want to let go of miro managing everything yourself as quickly as possible and OUTSOURCE as many of the mundane or boring functions (or things you aren't good at) to somebody else.

What do you outsource?

Start with having some of the content created for your site, then you might have some products created to sell on your site. You might hire an affiliate manager to help promote your product, a graphic designer to create a new look and feel, or a forum moderator to help you run your community.

You can get people to do all sorts of things for you part time, so you are free to do the things you WANT to do instead of the stuff you don't like or aren't good at.

Whatever you do, as soon as you start making a bit of money from your business, re-invest at least part of it back into paying others to do some of the low value, time consuming 'grunt' work for you.

As an example, I now outsource most of my content creation and nearly all of my article submissions, which frees me up to do other things, such as product launches and marketing for myself and clients.

I work with partners with a range of skills who are great at what they are doing, and we split the work between us. We accomplish much more working together than we could on our own, and we share the profits when things work out as we expect.

Is there a way you can team up with other people in your industry to do a joint venture that can benefit you both? Can you find a partner to share the workload and share the profits with them?

These are important questions that can help to shape your future. Working together is a great way of increasing the wealth and happiness of everyone concerned.

I hope Marney's case study and this article has given you some great ideas for moving your Solo Build It website forward,

Until next time,

Warmest regards,

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With so many readers, I can't guarantee a personal response... but I can guarantee that I will personally read your email. 

So go ahead and let me know - what are the two most important things you need to know in order to get the absolute best results from your SBI site?

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