How do I use Solo Build It with drop shipping merchants?

Question - How do I go about sourcing product to sell. I actually don't want to go through the hassle of supply. I've heard of drop ship sellers. Is there a tool that comes with the SBI site?

Answer - Drop shipping is big business online and SBI is a good tool for attracting potential customers and then sending them to your chosen merchants. 

Having a website lends itself to lots of different monetization models and drop shipping could fall into several categories - you can read about two them here - 


You would just have do a google search for "drop ship directories" to find suppliers who do this for you. 

Then choose a product that is already in demand online (most important - the SBI Action Guide explains a lot about this), build a site to attract traffic using the process outlined in the SBI Action Guide and then direct your visitors to your preferred merchant who closes the sale and ships the goods. 

Then you get a commission check for your share of the sale proceeds in the mail...

To get a good idea of the process used to build a profitable website using SBI, read through the Action Guide (it's very comprehensive but well worth taking the time to read it all) and you'll understand why the system works so well.

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