Tips On Building A Real
Estate Website

Question - I am a Realtor and I'd like to build a SBI site to promote my business. Can you see Solo Build It as a viable web solution in my industry?

Answer - Yes a site focused on real estate focused on your local area and built along the lines of Dr Birch's Dental practice site would probably attract several quality potential leads each day if it were set up right.

There's more information on how other local business owners use their websites to generate leads here

Depending on your location, a top spot on Google (or at least one on the first page) for your specific phrase would ensure that at least some of the people searching for your real estate in your area would come to your site.

You could get a visitors from Yahoo and MSN.

As long as you had good information that made people want to contact you your site could prove to have a very high visitor value.

You could also promote a special offer available only on your website through your other offline marketing and make people download some sort of direct response coupon that people had to bring into your office to collect on.

You could offer something to differentiate you from everyone else like a commission rebate for sellers or a housewarming gift for buyers. This would give you a means of tracking your visitors-turned-clients so you knew how well your site was going.

Well put together sites for high ticket services like real estate and other service providers can produce lots of quality leads, as opposed to many sites I see people building which are trying to make sales of low value products such as ebooks.

These sites are hard to make work in a big way, but with one sale worth many thousands of dollars to you, a well built site focused on Montreal real estate could do quite well.

I answered a similar question for one of my coaching students. You can read that answer here.

He was in a different position as he was attracting leads using only search engines and then sending people to actual real estate agents as referrals.

He needed more searches per month to make it work but because you are the end user, even a few visitors per month could make a website a very good investment.

Plus if you use the offline marketing strategy mentioned above and drive people to the site it could work very well.