I have a specialty site, is Solo Build It right for me?

Question - I have an affiliate website that sells specialty gift items and I am wondering if SBI would be a good way to build a website to promote my affiliate site?

Answer - I had a look over your affiliate site and yes there are lots of opportunities to create entry points for customers to buy gift items and to your MLM business using a SBI site.

You could call your site something like www.allaboutgiftitems.com or something like that and create pages about different reasons people send gifts to their friends and family.

There are numerous holidays and special occasions that are topical at different times of the year and you could attract visitors from the search engines who are interested in that topic, then give them a recommendation to check out your affiliate merchant's site (and capture their name and email address for follow up later). 

After a period of time you could offer them the MLM opportunity as a way for them to make extra income.

Some of the most profitable SBI sites are lead generators for MLM businesses.

Check out - 


.. for info on how they're doing it.

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