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From: Rocky Tapscott

Re: Limited Time 2 for 1 Solo Build It Offer

Dear Friend,

I know you're busy so I'll get straight to the point. If you're about to buy your first Solo Build It! package, I'm going to make you an offer that's practically a no-brainer...

Here it is...

If you buy Solo Build It! through one of the links on this page and you qualify as a new sitesell customer, you can have an extra Solo Build It package absolutely FREE, plus I'll give you hundreds of dollars worth of email coaching, mentoring and support so that there's practically no way you can fail to build a profitable SBI! website...

All you have to do to get your FREE SBI when you order one during this special 7 day promotion (no, it's not available anywhere else on the Internet right now, and it's not mentioned anywhere on the SBI order page) is to order SBI from this page between now and midnight August 15

Once you've done that, send me your name, email address and SBI order number (and tell me that you ordered the 2 for 1 special deal) by using this form

I'll confirm your order at my end, then I'll contact Sitesell Support, give them all the details, and they'll let you know how to claim your FREE SBI.

When you arrive at the SBI order page, there will be no mention of this special offer because it's only available here

Just go ahead and order 1 SBI package in the normal way, then send me the order details outlined above...I'll sort it out from there.

Of course, you can give your free SBI away to somebody else or use it yourself. 

If you are giving it to a friend or family member, please include both your name and email address and the new SBI owner's name and email address, in your message to me so Sitesell support can sort it out for you.

Plus, you have up to 6 months to activate your second SBI package, so there's no hurry to get it up and running. 

What's this special promotion all about?

Well, about 4 years ago I started working online, trying to make a buck so I could escape the rat race and start doing something that I wanted to do instead of working for somebody else.

Maybe I'm a slow learner or something, but I really struggled at first to get going.

Then I had a site that started to look like I was on a winner, but a partnership dispute killed it stone dead.

Remembering Winston Churchill's famous words - "Never Give Up, Never Give Up, Never Give Up" I battled along and eventually started making a reasonable income.

Fast forward to today.

From the end of this month (August), I don't have to work at any sort of JOB any longer, and I'm going to be spending my time building my online businesses and creating passive income.

I will be working from my Laptop (or LapShop as my friend and mentor Brett Mcfall calls it) from anywhere I want, doing what I want, whenever I want.

And the reason?

Because of my Solo Build It websites and the Sitesell 5 Pillar affiliate program.

And to celebrate finally making it, I'd like 

to help you to do the same thing.

I've asked Sitesell if I can offer you this special limited time deal, and they agreed to let me extend it to you, but only for 7 days.

Now if you are sure you qualify as a new Sitesell customer, and you want to go right out and grab this special offer, then click here now to order your SBI package.

Once you've ordered your SBI packages, please let me know by using this form and I'll send your order details to Sitesell Support after the promotion ends on August 15. They'll contact you then and set up your FREE SBI for you.

If you aren't sure if you qualify or not, use the form above to get in touch and we'll find out.

If you'd like to see my current bonus offer for new clients, you can by visiting this page.

But I have to tell you, once this 7 day special is over, I'm going to start cutting down on the personal coaching I'm doing for SBI buyers to focus on a new business I'm working on.

As you can imagine, the one on one coaching takes up a lot of time, and even though I enjoy it, it's not the most leveraged use of my time.

So I'm going to be removing most (if not all) of the coaching from the bonus package in the near future.

I'll still be offering lots of bonuses with SBI to make it the best deal out there, but they will be products instead, and the coaching will be phased out over the next few months.

So if you want it all, now's probably going to be your last chance...

I sincerely hope you can join me by using Solo Build It to leave the rat race and find the freedom to do want you want to do with your life.

If this is for you, grab this special offer now by clicking in this link.

Or if you have friends or family who could use this special and would like me to coach them, make sure you send them to this page for the full story.

Again, thankyou for being a subscriber,

To your success,

Warmest regards,

P.S. Remember, if you qualify as a new Sitesell customer, you can get 2 Solo Build It packs for the price of 1, plus over $1800 worth of personal coaching and bonuses from me. But only until August 15.

You can give the second SBI to a friend or family member and split the cost between you or use it yourself, and if you want it for yourself, you have 6 months to activate your second SBI. Get SBI Now!