What sort of questions can I ask you about Solo Build It if I take up you're coaching offer?

Question - I'd love to have your help with building my new Solo Build It site -  what sort of questions do your current students ask and what don't you give help with?

Answer - I don't mind answering questions about most things to do with SBI and my students ask a wide range of things, most of which I'm happy to answer. 

I try to be more of a mentor though than just a question answerer, working on the strategic parts of your site where you can get the highest leverage. 

The Action Guide and Sitesell support can answer a lot of the simple questions, I'm here to give you the big stuff, the things that can make a big and measurable difference to your results.

I've had questions like "how do I set up my sig file..." Sorry, that's not where I come in.

But getting pages indexed by the search engines and ranking well, targeting the right niche and keywords, creating offers, getting great responses from link exchange requests...that's what I do.

If this is what you would like help with, then I'd love to work with you.

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