Ken Evoy's Solo Build It - Consumer Reviews, Complaints & Comments

Solo Build It is an all-in-one web site building and online marketing system that allows people with little or no prior experience, as well as professional web designers, to build a web site that attracts visitors by getting found in the major search engines. 

Created by Sitesell founder Ken Evoy, the Solo Build It system and suite of tools has evolved over the last few years and now boasts thousands of users worldwide.

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Solo Build It Customer And User Comments

This morning a "C2 Tsunami" hit one of my sites. I received around 500 new Content 2.0 (C2) submissions in the span of 24 hours yesterday! Even I find it hard to believe that 500 people created and sent me content-rich Web pages in ONE DAY! SBI! 2.0 is absolutely incredible! There's no way I could have written so much rich content, so varied, so quickly!

Comment from Site Build It user Elad Shippony

Came across SiteSell 8 years ago and did not use it because of the expense. I finally took the plunge last year and wish I would have done it 8 years ago. It just fits my personality. They are a class act and have tons of knowledge and information. BUT it is not for everyone because you have to create a lot of content to get the site up and running and getting traffic. I'm in a situation where I don't mind waiting and building the content when I have time. But, the waiting drives some people nuts :-)

Comment from Leah on The Warrior Forum

I've used Sitesell for the last 5-years and it has more than paid for itself. I don't see why everyone is saying it's so expensive when you really break it down it's NOT. The cost is $299 for a year, $29 a month, for hosting, tutorials, analytics, auto-responders, and more. The price is very comparable to other fees elsewhere.

For starters I highly recommend it. If you follow the system they have in place "You Will" generate an income with your site - the amount you generate is all dependent on other factors. The best thing that hooked me in my first year was the fact they have a 100% money back Guarantee - so I could test drive the system and if it didn't work for me I could get a refund, but the system worked - I gladly pay my fee each year...

The return I get every month is way better than any stock market or 401k investment I've ever made.

Comment from Jeff on The Warrior Forum

I started SBI about 3 years ago and quit out of frustration. They had a website template I hated. To learn something like preselling you had to read a whole book. But their keyword research tools are great. Overall I think SBI is grossly over-rated.

Comment from the Warrior Forum

In one year's time, I went from fiddling around with a hobby to manifesting a full-time business doing what I love: celebrating the creative uniqueness in an ever-growing community of thousands of people all over the world, inspiring them to uncover their artistic spirits and dare to let their creative souls shine.

Comment from Solo Build It user Marney Makridakis

I used it, for about three years, my site at one time was making around $400 per month. However I completely lost interest in the topic of the site and sold it for $2100 after 3 years. The site had around 100 pages of completely unique content. For me it was well worth the investment. 

Comment from Axel on the Warrior Forum

What Users Like About Solo Build It

The things people like about Solo Build It, as opposed to other options available, are -

You don't need any technical ability to build a website that makes money. If you don't know how to use an HTML editor and don't want to learn, you can build a real website using what they call a block by block page builder. 

A good thing about the block by block builder is that the system creates an organized linking structure for you, so your pages get found by the search engines pretty quickly. This can be a big problem for many sites - if your pages don't get found by the search engines, your site will never show up in the rankings. 

Of course, if you know how to do basic HTML, you can simply format your pages the way you like them, and upload them just like any other web hosting account.

Solo Build It also comes with a Blogging module that 'pings' the main services for you, which also helps to get pages found by search engines (and people).

The Solo Build It Action Guide and other free training they offer is a godsend for new users, especially for those who know nothing about building a website. For most people, this training (which has evolved into a much more comprehensive course with video and written lessons) is a solid foundational course to learn from.

The Solo Build It Content 2.0 system allows people to create additional content for you, content that you (as Elad noted above - 500 pages created by others in one day) or an employee or Virtual Assistant can edit and make changes to if needed, which means less work in keeping content growing on your site. 

You also have access to Sitesell's Value Exchange system, although that is available in limited form to anyone as a marketing exercise from Sitesell. The team at Sitesell are constantly working behind the scenes updating programming and making changes as search engine technology deems them necessary, so you as a website owner don't have to worry about that - it's all taken care of.

What people don't like about Solo Build It

The main recurring theme coming from the people who don't like Solo Build It seems to be 'It costs too much'. For most business owners, what something costs is irrelevant. A million dollar piece of equipment that returns 50% per year for it's 10 year lifespan has to be considered a bargain.

The most important thing to consider is the Return On Investment you are getting for any investment of time and money. There are a growing number of Solo Build It Case Studies from people who obviously feel that the cost of SBI is nothing compared to the money they are making from their websites.

Some users don't like the keyword research tool (called the Brainstormer), because it tends to generate a large number of keywords that have little or no actual search demand. A simple solution users suggest is to check the numbers Brainstormer gives you by using the Google Keyword tool, before you build a page for any particular keyword.

The email system SBI comes with (called Mailout Manager) is very limited, and only lets you create one list. It's not a true autoresponder, so most serious Solo Build It users will use a full service autoresponder such as Aweber instead, because you can create unlimited lists, with unlimited subscribers). Aweber integrates easily with SBI (just copy and paste some code), so it's not a big deal.

The bottom line seems to be that while Solo Build It isn't perfect, Sitesell's long-term history and numerous case studies showing successful users are a testament to the fact that for many people, the system works. 

Naturally it won't work for everyone - nothing does, but users report that the tools and training they've received, the friendships and help available in the Sitesell Forum, the ongoing development of backend tools and services they provide, and everything else that Sitesell stands for (without increasing the price in 5 years) offer much more than just 'a domain and web hosting' as some detractors claim. 

Facts About Solo Build It

Creator: Ken Evoy from

Product Format: Web based research and site building platform (compatible with most browsers) including comprehensive text based and video instructions, active user forum, and online help desk.


Price: $299 per year or $29.99 for a one-month trial, then $29.99 per month after that. 

Money Back Guarantee: If Solo Build It is not for you, just cancel and refund within 30 days. No reason needed. 100% refund within 30 days, then pro-rata refund after that.

Contact details:

Sitesell Inc.

P.O. Box 55071

CP Mackay

Montreal QC

Canada H3G ISO

Questions? You can contact Sitesell by email or phone here