The Secret Of Building A Successful Solo Build It Site...

Why is that some Solo Build It site owners do really well, while others struggle and eventually give up? 

Rocky Tapscott

Solo Build It Expert And Owner Of

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After coaching over 200 Solo Build It owners over the last few years, I've discovered something so profound among those that succeed that it has the potential to change your life if you take what you are about to learn and implement it.

Here's what it's all about...

If you read the news, you no doubt know that last year, 145 million people spent over $108 BILLION online. 

Now if you are like most people interested in starting an online business, you're probably wondering, where did all that money go? And more importantly, how do you get some of it for yourself?

If you read all of the Solo Build It literature and gone through the various case studies, there's plenty of evidence that lots of other people are doing well online, so why not you?

Well the truth is that you do have a wonderful opportunity of cashing in on this massive flow of cash sloshing around the world. However, it's not as easy as some people try to make out.


Because 98% of the people who build a website (using Solo Build It or something else) don’t understand the secret I’m about to reveal to you.

The Secret To Building A Successful SBI Site
Is Knowing What People Really Want!

There is a great misunderstanding about the future of marketing online - a misunderstanding that will kill the chances of success online for people who don’t know it.

Ninety-five percent of the people rushing online to make their fortune are oblivious to one very big and very obvious fact:

There is already too much information out there in the world today. Way too much information.

You already know this. Your life is moving so fast, and so much information comes at you from so many directions these days, it's virtually impossible to keep up.

Most people coming online believe their success lies in creating an information website of some sort and then sitting back waiting for the checks to roll in. They do a search of the traffic numbers of their favorite topic and say, “Hey, I only need a small amount of that traffic and I’ll be rich.”

What they fail to understand, as I said, is that nobody really wants more information.

What people want is not more data, numbers, statistics, facts and figures. 

What people want is what all that information is supposed to provide: a way to make their lives happier, easier, fuller and more satisfying.

And after coaching and mentoring hundreds of Solo Build It owners, I've found that to be more true than ever. When people are building their SBI website, what they want is NOT more information.

What people want is advice...

They want to be taken by the hand by a trusted, knowledgeable source and led to success via the shortest possible path. They don't want more books to read, more stuff to do, more problems to solve.

I've found that my coaching students universally tell me that the most important benefit they have received when they ordered SBI through me is the personal support and advice I've given them.

Here's what one of my students said about the advice I'd been able to give her recently -


Hi Rocky,

I can't thank you enough for all the help and encouragement you've given me.

I know I don't have you all to myself, but you respond so personally, that I often feel like I'm your only student ;-)

Have a great day!

With kindest regards,

Kirstyn Sierra
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So, how can you use this information to give your Solo Build It site the maximum chance of success?

Niche It Down...

We'll go into this in detail in the next article, but for a start, if you can first 'niche down' your web business into a smaller area that you can dominate instead of just being one of millions of people trying to get yourself heard, you can become the authority in that small market and ultimately dominate it. 

You want to become the 'go-to' guy or girl in that market, so people come to think of you as 'the' expert in solving problems for others. It may not even take that long if you find a small enough sub-niche.

Then once you are the go-to guy (or gal :-) in that market, gradually expand your reach into larger and larger parts of that same market and become known as an expert on more than one aspect of what you do.

As Perry Marshall said in one of his recent newsletters, "If you are an expert on 100 things, nobody will ask you about anything. If you are an expert on 1 thing, they'll ask you about everything."

Start off small, then build your empire from there.

Give Advice, Not Just Information

Next step is to give advice to your readers, instead of just information.

There's a huge difference. If you can give specific advice to people coming to your site, you'll stand head and shoulders above the rest of your market who are providing generic, sanitized information.

Warning: In some markets, giving specific advice on your website will put you in court or even prison faster than you can say "FTC Investigation".

If you are in an industry where you have to give advice in person after considering your client's/customer's/patient's needs, then focus your site on lead generation - have people contact you for a personal consultation instead of providing specific, personalized advice online.

You can do this quite easily as Dr John Birch shows you in the Case Studies.

In many markets though, you can give case by case advice without worrying about any legal consequences. The new Web 2.0 module inside Solo Build It is great for doing this. Ask your readers to comment on your articles, and you can answer them with specific recommendations, while building additional content for your site at the same time.

It's a great system. Use it...

In a future article, we'll drill down into specifically how to become the go-to person in your niche, but for now, consider how you can give specific advice to people in your market, or turn your site into a lead generation system if you can't legally do that, instead of just giving them more useless information.

To your success with Solo Build It,

Rocky Tapscott

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