Use These Proven Email Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Online Profits

by Rocky Tapscott

Few website owners understanding that email marketing is one of the most critical facets in building their profitable online business. But if you are like most of my coaching students and new to online business, you are probably wondering "How do I actually do email marketing?" 

Well lets discuss why it's important to learn about email marketing and why it's critical to your success that you make it a major focus of your efforts.

Watch this 5 minute video to learn why understanding email marketing is so important, and to learn how to do it right...

Now please watch this second video where I share more critical information and show you inside one of my Aweber autoresponder accounts. 

NOTE - In this next video, I say there are 56 messages in the follow up series, but, err, I showed you the wrong list; this one's only got 40 messages, sorry :-(

I have other lists in that same account with 5 messages right up to 56. OK, here's the video -

Email marketing has proven to be probably the most powerful form of internet communication - you rarely see anything sold online these days without email being used somewhere in the process. 

If you don't understand email marketing, then you will most likely make a lot less money than you could be making if you use it in your sales funnel. And while a well set up website or blog is a great tool for attracting targeted visitors to your offers, if you don't make the most of those visitors when they arrive at your website, you're really just wasting your time.

With nearly everything being sold online these days, email marketing is involved in some way. In all of the big product launches you see in all sorts of niche markets, email is like the blood that carries the oxygen around the body. It's really important that you understand how to do email marketing effectively, or you're probably not going to be all that successful with your online business.

Email marketing is really a miracle, because in the past, we couldn't follow up with prospects and do sequences of communication. Before the email revolution and before the internet, if I wanted to follow up with my prospects over time, I would have to call somebody on the phone or write them a direct mail piece, or visit them in person, and then I'd have to track everything on a card so I know where they were in the sequence.

But now you can use an autoresponder and program a sequence of messages that go out automatically. They get a new message every couple of days in the exact order you want them to receive them, and you can sequence the whole thing so it automatically runs in the background without you lifting a finger.

Here's how to set up your email marketing system in just a few easy steps. What you do is -

Step 1 - Sign up for your favorite autoresponder service (you can get a good one for about $20 a month, I use Aweber and find it great).

Step 2 - Take out a piece of paper, and script out the conversation you would have if you visited your prospect's house every few days and were trying to build a relationship with them. What would you say if you were trying to convince them to buy your product - use your most compelling presentation. 

Write out all the things you'd say and all the questions they would ask, and then go ahead and convert that into a sequence of email messages. 

Now obviously you're not going to be able to get feedback from them and answer their questions on the spot, so you are going to have to imagine the questions they would have, and you have to answer all that stuff in the email sequence. So, write out that conversation, and write a series of autoresponder messages that build a relationship just like you would do in person.

Step 3 - The most important part of successful email marketing is to do it RIGHT NOW. If you wait or procrastinate, if you don't grab your autoresponder account right now, and if you don't write out your messages and sequence them and start getting some sort of results right now, then chances are you're never going to do it.

Because if you follow the 10 steps in building a properly constructed website, you WILL attract people to your website over time. But you want to have this automated follow up system ready BEFORE your visitors arrive. Every person who joins your email list is like dollars in the back. 

Every day you wait, it's costing you big time.

So you've got to go and do it straight away - you could have this ready by tomorrow and start to have some of your website traffic opting in to your system and you can start making money by tomorrow afternoon.

Go and do this right now!

Your Action Steps

1. Choose an autoresponder account. I use Aweber and find it great.

2. Script out the conversation you'll be having with your prospects - the people you ere trying to convince to buy your product or service. Give them the information they need to make an informed decision.

3. Build your subscriber opt-in page. It's just another page of your website with an offer and a subscriber form. It's always a great idea to offer a terrific bonus to help convince more subscribers to join your list because as we've said, every subscriber is potential money in the bank. 

4. Go back and put an autoresponder optin form for your Newsletter on every page you've built and ask your visitors to subscribe. 

This is so important I can't stress it enough - you must focus a good portion of your time on building a list of interested prospects, and then building a relationship with them over time. Don't just rely on the once off visitors your website or blog brings you, focus on getting people to subscribe to your list and you'll have a much more profitable long term business.

About the Author - Rocky Tapscott is a Solo Build It expert and coach. He has created a Free 27 page Report that teaches how to create autopilot income streams using email marketing - Grab your Free Report now.