If you own or manage a small Business, you are probably leaving a small fortune in profits on the table...


"What If You Could Increase The Profits 

You Make From Your Small Business 

By 50-200%...Or More?"


Do you make enough money from your small Business for the effort you put in? If you would like to make a lot more than you currently do, then this could be the most important message you have ever read. 


You will discover tested strategies that you can implement immediately to increase your sales and profits.

From: Rocky Tapscott

Monday, 8:30 A.M.

If you are anything like most small Business owners, you'd love to be able to double your profits without working twice as hard or twice as many hours as you do now. 

Let's face it, you didn't go into Business for yourself to work like a dog for less money than your employees get. 

Unfortunately, that's the position that many small Business owners find themselves in. After they have paid the staff, the suppliers, the Council, the Phone Company, and everyone else, there's not much left for themselves.

There is no reason for you to go on wasting your time, your energy, your money – your efforts in building your Business, without being adequately rewarded for it.

It’s time to begin seeing REAL results and REAL profits from all your hard work! 

Why is it that some Business owners power ahead in leaps and bounds, while others struggle for years until they either go broke or simply give it away because it's just too hard?

Why do some people do so well while others experience absolutely dismal results

Well I don't know why all of them fail, but I do know that the reason most small Businesses don't make as much money as they could is because they don't follow a few simple rules - they break the rules of money.

  • They spend more than they earn

  • They pay out hundreds or thousands of dollars week after week for advertising that just doesn't work

  • They spend all day working hard in their Business instead of strategically planning for the future - working on their Business

My goal is to help you turn your Business into a profit generating powerhouse, a Business that lets you have a life, a Business that you work on, not in...

And to get you off to a flying start, I’m going to GIVE you five of my absolute best strategies for making more profits from your Business immediately in a Free 5 day Mini-Course. 

You can learn *exactly* how you can use these simple strategies to immediately increase your revenue, your customer base and your net profit, and your competitors won't have a clue what you are doing…if you choose to implement them.

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After you finish reading this page, check your email for your first lesson from the five-day mini-course.

You see, while your competitors are all running around in confusion trying to get more customers, I'll show you not only how to do that easily, but how to create consistent, growing profits from the people who already use your services or buy your products.

Now let's answer truthfully...

Is it becoming more difficult to find new customers for your products and services? Yes it is.

Is it becoming more difficult to persuade your customers to part with their hard earned money? Yes it is.

Does that mean that you have no chance of increasing your market share, stealing customers from your competitors and profiting massively by finding out what people want to buy and them selling it to them?

Absolutely Not!

By studying this short course and the articles on this website, then following a few simple strategies, you may look back on today as a major turning point in your Business life.

During the last 12 months, I've been studying the masters of marketing, and I've found several strategies that work incredibly well in just about any industry. If doesn't matter if you sell beds, cars or insurance policies, you can adapt these systems to your market and clean up bit time.

This website is here to teach you those strategies. There's information and articles that will help you no matter what type of Business you own or manage.

If you run a Local Business with local customers who are mainly from a small geographical area, then this article will be of special interest to you.

If you sell a Service of any type, such as accounting, financial planning, fire-place cleaning or plumbing, or you consult with clients in any way, then this article is for you.

If you sell Hard Goods, such as beds, furniture, clothing, or practically anything else that's not a digital product, then this page will give you some great ideas on how you can leverage your Business using e-commerce and increase your sales and profits.

If you don't know where to start with marketing on the internet, then this article on Building a Sales website will help you understand the process of marketing on the 'net effectively.

If you want to go further and build a powerful Internet presence with a website that generates free visitor traffic from Global search engines like Google and Yahoo, then this page will show you how to do that.

If you work partially or entirely from home, then this page will give you tips and strategies you can use immediately to increase your profits.

In addition, the Marketing Articles page is continually being updated with new stories and ideas on how the best marketers in the World are making massive amounts of money marketing their products and services to others.

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This Website In Not For Everyone...

If you are looking for a way to get rich quick; if you don't have an open mind to learning and trying new things; if you constantly jump from one Business to another, or you aren't prepared to do a bit of work to make your Business successful, then this website is not for you.

But if you really want to build a Business that makes you money while you sleep and runs on auto pilot for much of the time, then you will take the information both here and in the Newsletter and use it...

Of course, nobody can guarantee that you will make a fortune from anything you read here and I won't insult your intelligence by trying to tell you otherwise - you already know that there really are no guarantees in life. In fact, please read the Terms of Use of this website before you go any further.

However, thousands of people have used these exact same principles to incredible create wealth for themselves and their families, so they do work - but you will have to apply what you learn, test everything and practice.

If you would like to discuss anything relating to marketing your Business, or would like more obligation Free information on building your own website, please phone me on Australia 07 55432004, International +61755432004 or email me at rocky@localwebsolutions.com I will certainly help you succeed I can...

Thankyou for visiting. 

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you well.

Kindest regards,

Rocky Tapscott


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