The Facts About Testimonials

Just so you don't get the wrong idea and think that everybody who joins the Solo Build It Mastery program succeeds beyond their wildest dreams, please read this message.

My website has many testimonials from people who have found my advice helpful. And when I get emails thanking me for my help I ask for permission to use them and post them on my website.

While rare, when I receive a complaint from somebody, I do not ask for permission to use that complaint and I do not put it on the website.

I have never actually taken a survey to find out what my customers' success has been like or their average increase in profit has been after following my advice; I do not know what the "average result" is. But I can give you a pretty accurate estimate, based on the 80/20 rule.

In the interest of full disclosure, here is a breakdown of my own customers' success and failure - as best as I can tell:

-The bottom 20% of people seeking my advice do NOTHING. They buy Solo Build It, maybe look at one or two of the coaching lessons (if any), play with it for a couple of months, and either forget about it or get a refund. 

They do not apply anything, so they do not benefit from it at all. 

-20% do very little. Maybe they skim through the Action Guide, and pick up some basic website building education. And they'll typically read through some of the coaching lessons I send them and they might even learn a bit of advanced stuff.

I do believe that these people get some benefit from what I've written and the videos I've created. For example they may put a basic site together, write some email messages, get a few visitors and make a few dollars a month from Adsense and maybe make one or two affiliate sales.

If they have an existing business, they will likely get found more easily in the search engines for their local community and see a small increase in customers and profits from their efforts.

-Which brings us to the remaining 60%. This is the group of people who really take the Solo Build It education process seriously. 60% of my customers who read, learn, and apply this stuff see some sort of results. They learn how to build a website that gets found in the search engines and they get traffic to it. 

They read at least a few of my coaching lessons, ask me some questions, watch some of my videos, and I would estimate that this group of people typically make several hundred dollars per month from each Solo Build It site they create after a 12 month period. Their investment of $299 pays for itself easily over time.

-10% of these people make it a point where their site is quite profitable. They don't just 'play' around with SBI, they work at building their Solo Build It site over a period of months and years and see very significant improvements over time. 

They create well written, engaging content about a topic they are passionate about, they submit articles to directories, they pay for Google Adwords ads and build lists of raving fans who love to hear from them. At the end of the day, they build an online business that WORKS.

-5% are truly students of the process. They do everything I've discussed above but in addition they truly attempt to get "inside the mind of their customer." They create and test different landing pages for different product and affiliate offerings; they split test items on their website; they create lead generation and relationship building systems for people who aren't ready to buy yet. They track their conversions and do more of what is working and less of what isn't. 

-2% of these people do all of the above but they go even further, and if they don't know how to do something they find out how, either by asking me or somebody else who is more experienced than I am. 

They pay for additional training and figure out how to write great website copy and compelling autoresponder messages that force their visitors to buy. They test and track everything they do and keep accurate records so they know what works and what doesn't. 

They do proper market research and eventually through hard work and persistence they dominate their markets. They spend money on every educational opportunity they can and they know that they only need to learn and implement ONE solid idea from a seminar or coaching program and it will pay for itself over and over again.

More disclosure: just because you're in the top 10% or top 5% or top 2% or 1% of Solo Build It users, it still does NOT guarantee success. Even the best students of this business can fail. I think they fail as much as HALF of the time. 

They may still choose the wrong market, their timing might be off, they don't have a credible USP or they don't communicate it effectively to the market; there are lots of reasons for failure. BUT: They look at unsuccessful projects as TESTING and not FAILURE. They do not take it personally.

The top 1% embrace total Solo Build It mastery. For these few people, it is not enough for to just have a profitable SBI site, they want to BE THE BEST in their niche. They are not just respected in their markets, they are revered. They don't just understand what their customers want; they KNOW their customers intimately and they understand how to reach them at an emotional level that borders on clairvoyance. These people really GET it.

This top 1% is committed to mastery. They find mentors who are the best people in their industry and they learn everything they can. They spend thousands of dollars a year on continued education, tools and resources to stay ahead of their competitors.

However, this STILL does not guarantee success. 

You can get blindsided by events outside of your control and lose everything you've worked for. This has happened more than once as this financial crisis wears on. The key is that these people, the ones committed to mastery, come back stronger and don't let setbacks stop them from achieving their goals.

They are destined to succeed, and I do my best to help them.

However, I do not guarantee success. I just promise that I'll give you the best advice I can, based on my experience and what I've learned over the years, and I'll share stuff that is actionable and has worked for others.

NOT everyone who buys from me is successful. NOT everything I tell you to do will work. And when you succeed, you don't have to share your profits with me. The money is yours to keep.



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