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Here's What Some Readers Have Said

"Now with your help
I look great"

Thank you so much, I never thought I could look in the mirror for more than 5 seconds without hating myself, but now with your help I look great, I can go out and have fun because I know I look great and therefore feel it. thank you 

Abi D Taunton, UK

Really good site. Has changed my life 

Adrian Anderson Uxbridge London United Kingdom

"Help me maintain my strength and motivation"

Fasting has helped me break through "barriers" that I thought for a long time were not possible. 

Your encouraging updates help me look at the larger picture and help me maintain my strength and motivation. 

Edward Waites Anaheim CA

I must say I am finding
it very helpful

Hi Rob, Well although I never did your personal coaching course I still have managed to loose 10 pounds so far and its really down to discovering this, 

I just happened on to your website as I was looking at the idea of fasting, I had never really entertained it before but I must say I am finding it very helpful. Now the most I've succeeded on water only is 48hrs but I prefer the intermittent fasting because than when I start eating again I'm more conscious and usually tend to eat less.... 

I still have over a stone to loose to be a healthy weight so I might consider doing your course, again thanks for your replies and support, 

Clare Smith, Ireland, Ireland

"I lost over 50 pounds" 

I lost over 50 pounds with various combinations of water and juice fasting. I reduced my blood pressure from a dangerous level to a healthy level. 

Tony B. Denver Co.

"I have lost 5kgs so far"

Hi Robert, I am new to your program and although it is really hard, I struggle to get through a day, I do get through. I am encouraged by the Spiritual aspect of fasting which you mention also. 

I am still working hard and though sometimes I fail, I get up and start again. I have lost 5kgs so far. Thank you. 

Eileen Rene Van de Reede, Gisborne New Zealand, Gisborne New Zealand

"I've never felt
better in my life"



"I fit into a smaller, and beautiful wedding dress"

In the past, I had fasted a week at a time ate only on Fridays. Lost a total of 40 lbs in 5 weeks. I fit into a smaller, and beautiful wedding dress. 

Jaianni Chenoweth, Bow Wa, Bow Wa

"Teally thought that I
could not do it"

Hello Robert, I enjoy visiting your website for tips on fasting. I was able to do a 6 day fast and really thought that I could not do it. Reading other peoples experience helped me to get through mine. My next goal will be a 14 day fast. Thank you 

James M Manvel, Texas

"You are amazing person"

Rob, You really helped a lot of people and you did really motivate me, I am thinking this is the best topic ever to present it for my capstone project. You are amazing person, thank you very much Regards, 

Liza Mucalasky Dubai, UAEMucalasky Dubai, UAE

"Your notes help me
to realize there is yet
hope for me"

I just joined recently and I want to thank you for writing to me as promised and giving me information all the time. 

In my hour of need, I receive these notes and I receive strength and encouragement to endure, to start afresh, not to give up. I start all over again knowing that if others can do it so can I. 

When failing, and almost giving up, receiving your notes help me to realize there is yet hope for me. I have started all over again three times. Today I am determined to start again and this time to succeed. 

Thank you for all the reminders that I can do it and that I am not alone. 

Rose Sirali Nairobi/Kenya

"You have a passion for really HELPING people" 

Hi Robert, I just wanted to sincerely thank you for all the helpful advice you have given me. 

I remember a time when I REALLY needed your advice, and what happened? I got a personal response from you in minutes that truly saved my night. Not only do you know what you're talking about, but you have a passion for really HELPING people and that is what I love. 

You encourage, you support, and you really CARE. I am now a healthier person, and the road to a better me was travelled with you at my side! I thank you so much for that! 

Dana J. Santa Monica, CA

"I know now how to get to my ideal weight"

I have only been fasting for three days, but I cannot believe how effective it is. I lost 3.4 pounds the first day, and 2 pounds on the second day. 

I lost 70 pounds on my own within the last 2 years, but I was struggling to lose the last 20 pounds. This is fantastic,. I know now how to get to my ideal weight. It is the most effective method I have ever used, I can't wait to see my weight loss in the morning. I haven't been craving at all today. 

I think about other things, and play hearts online. The world better look out, because here comes a "knockout." Also, fasting is biblical; it healing the spirit, mind, and body. Thank you for the information you have shared with me. 

Ramona Douglasville, GA.

"Helped me free myself of being addictive to food"

Hi Robert reading your website really helped me in understanding what to expect the first two weeks. I like that you speak in real terms and it has helped me free myself of being addictive to food. Keep up your good work and encouragement. 

Sandra Perez Round Rock Tx

"Thank you sooo much"

I have not found a site where I have been so motivated and welcomed and given encouragement and advice and felt the sincerity as I have on this site.. Always learning something new. Thank you sooo much 

Rebecca Chase Holliday, Utah, USA

"Break the food addictions that lead to weight gain"

I've learned that fasting is not some crazy, psycho, and useless weight loss method. Thanks to you, I've discovered that fasting is probably the single best way to break the food addictions that lead to weight gain. 

K. Manny Los Angeles, California

"I could not have gotten this far and have the resolve to continue" 

Hi Robert, I am an experienced water faster now and have reaped many benefits from it. I have never felt healthier, even though I am still a long way from my weight goal. 

I could not have gotten this far and have the resolve to continue without the help of your great website and support. Thanks and regards, 

Rodger MacDonald Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

"I love this website!" 

I love this website! It's hard to find encouraging information dedicated to fasting. Most websites and people try to scare people away from it, calling it starvation. Thanks for all your support 

C Goll Boston, MA

"I have dropped 25lbs"

This is my second long term juice fast. I have done many week long water fasts. I have a love hate relationship with fasting. I am addicted to the feeling of fasting and the sense of accomplishment. 

The downside is my impatience. I require instant results and fail/quit when I don't get this. I have made this past fast a self improvement inside and out. I have dropped 25lbs. I feel great and I reflect every night on the actions I did in my day. I keep a thankful journal and a list of things I like of me. I feel like this journey has just made me happier. 

I am currently on day 27 of a juice fast with 2 weeks left followed by a month of raw foods only. 

Crystal Toronto,ON

"I really feel so much better"

Thanks Robert, I really feel so much better. I also feel that I am able to reach all my goals by achieving this one. Thank you again 

Sharon Thiart Auckland New Zealand

I've learned how to get motivated not only to lose weight but to be healthy.

Rebecca Morris Bronx, NY

"Motivated to lose the extra weight I've carried all my adult life"

This is only my second day of my very first fast, but with your site I feel so strong and motivated to lose the extra weight I've carried all my adult life. Thank you!

Viola Shuman Claxton, Georgia

"I lost 23 lbs and have fasted one day per week since and have not gained it back"

Robert, Thanks for sharing your site and your experiences. It is good to know that there is a great deal of company out there doing this. 

I loved your idea about fasting a day a week, it really does help maintain your weight loss even if you are not as "good" as you should be about what you eat. 

I went on a 16 day water fast (that was all I could do). I lost 23 lbs and have fasted one day per week since and have not gained it back. 

It has been 5 months so far. The good thing about doing this is that you get to know your body much better and can tell even by how something feels on your tongue if it is good for you or not, it helps you to want to eat better. 

Thanks again for your information and support. 

Kate Buckner Monee, IL USA

"I lost 23 pounds in 8 days going from 279 to 256"

Fitness through fasting was a life savoir for me when I finally decided to fast. I read through the resources often. 

I Blogged my 8 day water fast and Robert was always encouraging leaving comments. I lost 23 pounds in 8 days going from 279 to 256. 

I had to stop after 8 days because of no gallbladder and the bile leaking problem but I went straight to juice fasting and am still juice fasting. 

Now, I'm getting all the information I need right here and praise God for it. 

Deborah Munson San Antonio, Texas USA

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Losing weight and detoxifying your body through fasting should really be fairly simple. After all, all you have to do is stop eating, right?

The problem: there are dozens of nuances to doing it right. Get one of these wrong and you can either get no results at all, or you can blow all your hard work when you break your fast and start eating again..

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  • Throughout the program. we'll explore the 4 different "types" of fasts you can undertake and then choose the best one for you and your personal circumstances. Then you can get started immediately and make quick progress towards your goals.

  • You'll learn exactly what a Cleansing Diet is, and why you should consider undertaking one prior to fasting so you get the best results possible. I'll show you why a cleansing diet, if done for longer periods of time, can be just as powerful as a total juice or water fast

  • You'll get 3 of my own personal Cleansing Diet menus, where I tell you which foods you should always include, and specifically what foods you must avoid if you want to get the greatest health and detoxification benefits

  • You'll get a comprehensive list of foods you can eat between meals while you are on your cleanse, and again most importantly, what to avoid so you don't blow it without even knowing there's a problem

  • You'll know when to choose a water fast or a juice fast, and the benefits and drawbacks of each. You'll also get my own personal juice fasting recipes - the ones that have proven to work best for me over the last 19 years I've been a fasting practitioner and coach

  • We look at water fasting and dry fasting in-depth, including how to prepare for the fast, what mental and physical symptoms to expect and why water fasting is so powerful and can help you to achieve detox and weight loss faster than any other fasting method

  • You'll finally understand the critical role drinking water and enemas have during a water or dry fast, and specific instructions on what you should do for maximum benefit

  • You'll understand why intermittent fasting could be the ideal solution for you, and how to best use this technique for weight loss and detoxification even amidst a busy and demanding schedule, plus I'll share specific tactics for going the distance when fasting and why having unrealistic expectations can ruin your chances of success

  • You'll learn how your metabolism really affects your weight loss or gain, and the factors you can control to help you with weight loss, along with how fasting affects your metabolism, and specific steps you can take to make this important bodily function work with you to help you lose weight

Plus you'll get specific strategies for making every fast you do in the future much easier, more effective, and far more enjoyable.


  • My personal R.A.P.I.D. formula for overcoming intense moments of hunger and discomfort. Having an understanding of this simple yet highly effective and powerful technique will vastly improve your chances of enjoying quick and lasting results from all of your fasting for weight loss and detox efforts

  • Why having the power to resist hunger during your fast gives you the ability to achieve almost anything life throws at you, and why imagination, annulment and patience can play a critical role in your success, and how my incredibly effective Calender Trick will make your short and long-term fasts seem much less uncomfortable 

  • For the first time on video I'll share my best techniques for breaking your fast so you keep the weight off. Too much attention is given to fasting, fasting, fasting... and most people forget about the crucial process needed to end the process appropriately. This module gives you everything you need to know break your fasts correctly

  • You'll have a 30-day post fasting plan with detailed instructions to help you make a solid transition and minimize the amount of weight gained afterward, along with my proven 6.5 Rule which gives you a specific formula for effectively ending any fast, from 3 days to 30 days or longer, thus ensuring that your efforts are not sabotaged by eating too much, too soon

  • You'll learn how to avoid what I call the 'Stuck In Eternity' Syndrome and overcome any temptation to rush the process of re-feeding and risk undoing all of your good work, plus you get my unique "Time Trap Escape" technique to transcend the usual thoughts of impatience and frustration that nearly always strike when we are either fasting or breaking a fast

  • And I include my personal shopping list of foods to purchase and prepare for when your fast is coming to an end

  • Plus I show you how to get over the 90-day hump, reduce fasting & muscle loss, and tips for achieving long term weight loss and detoxification so you never go back to the old, unhealthy, overweight you

  • And much, much more


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In this program you'll learn:

  • Why f

  • And much more...

How To 

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51 Minute MP3 Audio With Complete Instructions 

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In this program you'll learn:

  • Why f

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