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**Before we start, A few of these questions may require some thought and if you don't feel you can answer a couple of them, please don't worry, but the more I know about your goals and what you would like to achieve with your website, the better the service and value that I can give you...

And if you're seriously considering having a website built by anybody, these are questions that you should be asking yourself here goes -

  • Are you familiar with SBI, how it works, it's templates and Ken's CTPM philosophy, or have you had limited experience with the system? If you know what it takes to build a successful website, you'll be able to add content yourself later on. If not, you'll have to have somebody else do it for you (maybe an employee or contractor?)

  • Are you happy to use the standard templates that come with SBI or will you require specialized templates and additional design work? The standard templates can be set up and customized to give a great look and feel to your website, but some clients have corporate logos and specific colour schemes that they require.

  • How many pages would you like your website to include initially? I can set up the foundation of your site to be as robust as you will ever need it to be, and you can then add more content as time goes buy (I'll teach you how to optimize your new content as well if you would like me to). If the foundation is solid, the rest is relatively easy (well easier, anyway :-).

  • What niche or market theme will your new website be about? I'll do some background research before getting back to you and let you know if I feel there is potential there and my thoughts on your best plan of attack.

  • What will be your point of difference in this market? Your Unique Advantage that other websites aren't offering? A 'Me Too' website will die a death of a thousand cuts and won't make anyone feel good - we don't want to build one of those...

  • Who is your target market? The more specific you make your target market, the more we can focus your website content and message to these people.

  • Is your target market (or a section of it) 'oholic', in other words, are they passionately addicted to what it is that they want and are they already buying products and services from other people online? An 'oholic' market is easy to sell to. These are the niches that are exciting to be in...they make you money!

  • Do you plan to build a Newsletter database? A regular Newsletter is critical in building customer loyalty and turning an interested visitor into a customer and then even an evangelist over time. Some niche markets aren't suited to a Newsletter, but most are. You can have a profitable website without writing a Newsletter, but you won't maximize it's effectiveness or it's profit potential.

  • What is your Most Wanted Response for your website? Do you want to people to subscribe to your Newsletter so that you can stay in touch and build an ongoing relationship? Do you want a hands off website that simply sells affiliate products to passing visitors? Do you want to do both?

  • Are you happy to answer your visitor's and readers questions? Questions and answers make great content for new pages, plus a Q&A page will keep future questions to a minimum once it starts to take shape.

  • Will you be writing the articles and other content for your website or would you like to have somebody else do some or all of that? If you have the time and the ability, writing the content yourself is a great way to put your own personality into your website. If you don't wish to write any of the content, or maybe only some of it, this can also be arranged for you.

As you can see, there are many things to consider.

Your answers to these questions will help me to give you the best service I can. If don't feel that you can answer some of them, that's OK, please send me the answers to as many as you can and I'll get back to you.

Please think about your answers to the questions above and then put them into this form...

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Thankyou for visiting and sending this form.

Whether we work together on not, I wish you well in all of your endeavours.

Kind regards,

Rocky Tapscott

SBI Certified Webmaster

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