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In this website review, I take a look at

I give Scott some tips on website strategy, look over his page optimisation, and give him advice on what he should be focusing on in the future.

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Additional Notes

I recommend you remove the three graphic banners from above your main top banner and focus on getting people to subscribe for your free reports. When you watch the video below, you'll see what I mean...

In your free reports, you can give great content and advice, and steer people towards your 'money' pages such as your Speak Out System and affiliate products. 


Visit this page to subscribe to Perry's FREE Google Adwords Course and then check out the rest of his website - you'll get a wonderful Internet Marketing education just by reading through his free content.

If you want to create multiple lists for prospects and customers, many of the big name Internet marketers use Aweber autoresponders

Re-read Lesson 6 of the coaching course for my latest thoughts on website optimisation and creating content that attracts people to your site from the major search engines.

Hope this review and bonus video help you to get more out of your Solo Build It website.

Take care,

Rocky Tapscott