What are you into now?

by Kate Rieger

Just tossin' out ideas

Just tossin' out ideas


How on earth do you find time for something new. I was just re-listening to one of your lessons where you mentioned that you gave up being a Site Build It Webmaster because you realized you could make more money making your own.

I was struck by what you said. Mostly because I thought by learning Site Build It and the CTPM way I would be able to teach or create others how to do their own websites...

As I'm well on my 4th revision of 2 of my websites, I found myself getting strung out on keywords, file names, links, what builds up to what, who have I contacted of affiliatedom, reciprocal links, what articles written, what submitted, oh and lets not forget to send subscribers and email or two....aaaahh.

This all is near a breaking point.

This here doohicus looks a bit like it might help bring organization to the research, design and build activities. What say you?

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Feb 29, 2008
Wow, Great Suntop Kate...No One Would Know You Just Passed Your ...
by: Anonymous

...50th Birthday

Aren't we all a bit of a Cheerleader. I almost forgot about this artwork. Do you or your readers have a list of their 5 favorite cartoonists?

I want to leverage humor to attract reader to my website.


Feb 13, 2008
You're right, there IS a lot to do Kate
by: Rocky

Hey Kate,

You're right, there is a lot to do to get a Site Build It site up and running, but it's a process that can give you life-long benefits. The main thing is to focus on the basics (create a page a day, or a page a week, whatever you can manage) and get a whole stack incoming links. Build traffic to your site and create a list of prospects first so you can get the relationship started.

Send them a message once a week or fortnight (even if it's just a quick note about a cool YouTube video you found, or a link to a relevant news article you found somewhere else) and keep building the relationship.

Ask people to send you questions and answer them. Then use those answers as part of your newsletter content. Much of what you referred to above is just 'noise' - I know it might all feel important right now, but if you break it down to the elements, all you do is -

* write an article that creates a visitor and creates a subscriber

* follow up with that reader and build a relationship

* give them great content and then make them offers to sell them stuff

Everything you do is about the relationship you are building with your readers. Once you have them loving what you do, make them an occasional offer or product recommendation mixed in between your newsletter issues. Just present it like you aren't selling anything, but you found this cool widget and you thought they might be interested.

Something like -

Hey Sam,

We've been talking about how to stop your cat from getting those nasty fur balls in the last couple of newsletters and I just found something that you might be interested in if you have ever had this problem.

I tried this myself and it worked a treat. Not sure if it's something you need right now or not, but I thought you might want to check it out.

Here's the link


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this great idea Sam,



Yes you can use an affiliate product. I know I said toung in cheek that affiliate marketing sucks (sometimes it REALLY does) but if you have honest merchants and great products, then it's certainly a good way to get started.

And finally, yes some organization is a very good idea. I make a schedule of work I want to cover each day and allocate time to list building, product/offer creation and content building. Sometimes it's having content created by others instead of doing it myself too, and it's a great idea to outsource some of these types of tasks if you can.

Whether it's one hour each or more, I make sure I do something in each area every day that I work in my business (but I don't every day :). That way everything stays balanced and I move forward a little each day.

Hope this helps Kate,



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