What Exactly Is Solo Build It?

Question - What is Solo Build It and how does it differ from a normal web hosting account or a normally hosted website?

Answer - Solo Build It is really a system for building theme based content sites (10 to 50 or more pages of niche market focused, search engine optimized content) that helps people build websites that tend to rank well in search engines and therefore attract growing numbers of targeted visitors for free rather than us having to pay for them.

If you are happy to pay for traffic, or to generate visitors to your site via writing and submitting articles to article directories, or doing joint ventures with other non competing webmasters to promote your product to their lists (all very good ways of finding targeted visitors), then you probably don't need everything Solo Build It has to offer to get going.

You can build a small website using a cheap hosting account and an HTML editor like Mozilla and drive traffic to it via these other means quite satisfactorily.

But if you would like to eventually build a larger site that promotes your product and attracts free, targeted search engine visitors, and eventually add other monetization models to the mix to create multiple streams of income from your site, then starting with SBI would be a good way to go, even if it was only a few pages to start with. 

Plus, you don't need any HTML experience to build a SBI site and it comes with everything you'll need to start capturing your visitors names and using email marketing, creating and sending free email courses, submitting your pages to the search engines and lots of other stuff that a standard web host doesn't do...

And the beauty of getting free traffic is that it's going to get more expensive to use the other means of finding prospects as competition heats up, so your product needs to have enough profit margin in it to pay these additional costs.

I like Solo Build It so much because I've seen thousands of people from all walks of life build successful sites using the SBI system. 

If you'd like a sneak peak into what's involved in building a SBI site, you can read through the actual Action Guide that SBI'ers use to build their sites. 

Just go here -


...bookmark the page so you can find it again, and read through the 10 day process we use. 

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