Why Do You Need A Website For Your Local Business?

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Step 2 - Watch Today's Video

These days, every local business can benefit from having a website, because your customers are online looking for your products and services right now.

Would you prefer they find you...or your competitors?

Stupid question really isn't it?

And even if you DO have a website for your local business, can your customers find you easily? If you aren't listed right at the top of the first page of Google's search results, you are virtually invisible.

In this video, we answer this question in more detail, and give you some tips you can take away and use right now. I'm sure you'll find it enlightening. 

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Your Action Steps for Today

Step 1 - Go to Google.com (link opens in a new window) and do a search for the product or service you sell. For example, if you are a dry cleaner in Seattle, do a search for dry cleaning services Seattle.

If you have a website, does your site come up in the first page of results? Are you right at the top?

And do you have more than one position in the search results for this 'money' or buying keyword phrase?

Did you know that 70% of the people searching in Google will click on the first 3 listings? The very first listing gets 40% of the clicks itself!

That's why I said you have to be in one or more of the first 3 places to be visible to your customers.

You can have multiple listings in these search results you know, and by doing that, you can virtually dominate your local market for your product or service category.

If you don't have a website, look at all of those competitors who are legally stealing your customers from you and costing you thousands of dollars a month in sales. You probably should do something about that.

Step 2 - Contact me by using this form for a Free and Obligation Free Website Review and Online Marketing Consultation, and I'll help you to either get started in planning for a website for your business, or help you to increase your existing website's performance, and ultimately make more money.

Please give me as much detail as you can when you do, so I can tailor a web marketing solution for your specific needs when we talk.

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