Hi Again,

I've got two things to write about today.


Rocky Tapscott Firstly, I've just returned from the World Internet Summit on the Gold Coast and honestly, I have to sincerely apologise.




 Because I didn't do enough to encourage every one of you to come along with me and experience this life changing event.



I learned so much on the first day I felt I had my money's worth, then they just kept piling it on with more and more great stuff ... I'll bet a lot of people came out a little overwhelmed.


I know I was just a bit, and I've seen a lot of this stuff these last couple of years. The highlights for me were when Brett McFall outlined step by step the DNA of how he writes a profit pulling sales letter right in front of us.


I don't know if everyone really got the significance of that, but I sure did.


And he gave us permission to take his exact words and system and use it for our own sales letters. Just that was worth the price of admission.


And the other real highlight was when Jason Cox outlined his business model for making obscene amounts online with no risk, no marketing expenses and just a few emails and phone calls. Truly amazing stuff ... for those who grasped the significance of what he was saying.


I even noticed some of the 'gurus' down the back taking notes ...


And do you know the sad part?


I had a few people get in touch before the event and say that they felt the price was a bit steep. It was effectively $1000 a seat, even less with my rebate offer.


And then there were people attending the summit who kept asking for everything to be free. Free autoresponders, free products, free websites, free everything.


And you know what?


Nothings free!


I know it's great to get free traffic from the search engines, and Solo Build It works to do this well over time.


But what's the point of spending a year or two working your butt off trying to get free traffic when you can buy it so inexpensively (or get truckloads of it absolutely free, as I learned from Jason) that you can make money straight away?


Don't know about you, but I'd rather get paid now rather than maybe in two years time.


When you get yourself a free autoresponder, it's got other people's ads all over it.


A free web host ... other people's ads all over it.


Nothing's Free.


But here's what's important. This is what I wanted to tell you today.


Just the two things I mentioned above, Brett's copywriting secrets and Jason's unlimited free traffic model will multiply my online earnings this year and every year into the future.


Was it worth $1000 and 4 days of my time?


Bloody oath it was.


I'll be putting together a .PDF containing some of the strategies we learned at the WIS, so watch out for it over the next few days.


But honestly, there's nothing like being there. So, will you be attending the next WIS when it comes to a town near you?


You should.


I know I'll be there. All it takes is one insight. One idea. One meeting. And the return on your investment is incalculable.


Just Do It!

Once you know the "Big Results From Small Lists" info, it's going to change the way you look at making money online. 

I still can't believe they aren't charging for this!


I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Until next time,