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Hello again, and welcome to this third article on how to promote your local business using the Internet.

Yesterday we looked at how to super-size your potential market while only attracting the exact visitors you want - those who are passionately interested in what you offer. And if you missed yesterday's lesson you can read it here.

Today I'm going to share that the absolute best way (apart from paying for traffic or getting visitors from search engines :-) to boost your website's traffic numbers.

Let's face it, there's just too much for the average website owner to do when it comes to building content, attracting visitors, finding affiliate programs, and everything else we have to do. All this in addition to running your business and the myriad of things that involves.

Focus On The Highest Leverage Strategies

The best way to leverage your time as far as building website traffic is concerned is to outsource the grunt work while you focus your time on the highest and best payoff projects you can find. 

One of the most powerful traffic generation methods you can use is to write and submit articles to major online article directories. I've attracted thousands of visitors to my sites with articles over the years, and many of them have turned into repeat, loyal customers.

The downside of writing and submitting articles has always been that the actual submission process is a gigantic pain in the butt because it is so labor intensive.

What if there was a way to cost effectively have your articles sent to thousands of webmasters and article directories all over the web by submitting them just once?

Fact is, this is what I've been doing lately and it's helped me to massively increase traffic using articles while spending a fraction of the time doing it that I used to.

The key here is to write articles and then let Article Marketer.com submit them to their thousands of directories and other publishers for you. 

Articles Create Short Term And Long-term Traffic

Writing and submitting articles results in both short term (within a couple of days anyway) and long-term, highly targeted visitors from all over the world arriving at your website to learn more about you and what you offer.

You establish yourself as a knowledgeable expert in your field and start to build great credibility with your target market. Honestly, there's no real downside from writing and submitting quality articles. And there's a LOT of plusses...

The main one being that your traffic flow remains virtually unaffected by search engine's (particularly Google's) ongoing algorithm changes (or the Google-slap effect as it is known now) and they have proven to be a much more reliable long term source of targeted visitors than relying on search engines alone for many website owners.

You can always submit your articles yourself (if you've done this, you'll already know that it's a painful and very time consuming process if you want to submit them to a lot of directories), but you get massive leverage when you let someone like Article Marketer do it for you because you save your most valuable asset - your time.

One A Week Is All It Takes

I write and submit at least one article every week if I can manage the time and the Article Marketer guys check it and get it out to their list of thousands of contacts within a day or two.

I subscribed to the Article Marketer lifetime subscription, but you can take it three months at a time, or even submit some of your articles for free to a smaller list, and for the amount of time it saves me over doing it myself, it's a no brainier.

I can now use the time I used to spend submitting articles much more productively (and profitably) while at the same time doing something I'd prefer to be doing instead.

One of the most empowering tips I can give you is to start outsourcing as much of this labor intensive stuff as you can. Since I started doing this, my free time and my productivity have tripled; I highly recommend it.

Of course your article resource box needs to drive people to a page where they can opt-in to your newsletter database and not your home page (I made this mistake for YEARS) so you have a chance to follow up with them.

As we've already discussed...

If you make your site's Most Wanted Response getting your visitors to opt-in to a list of some sort, your traffic and revenue will get a massive boost over time, guaranteed.

Getting a visitor once and letting them go is a huge waste of time. Get them onto a list and they'll keep coming back to fill your bank account with money year after year if you look after them.

And of course, you can use your articles as part of your offline promotion efforts as well. Create an email newsletter and send your client and prospect lists one article each week to keep in touch, and a promotion for a related product or service can tag along for the ride.

You can use and re-use every piece of content you create in all sorts of ways, so if you'd like more ideas on how to get started with this strategy in your business, then I can help.

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We'll discuss more strategies for getting the most out of your web marketing in our next issue.  

Until then,


P.S. If you'd like help in getting started marketing your business online, or if you have any questions about this important topic, please give me a call on 5543 3212 or email me by using this contact form and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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