"Would you like to make a lot more money from your home based or local Small Business?"

By Rocky Tapscott

If you manage one of the millions of home based businesses or currently own a small Business that sells products or services to a local clientele and just aren't making enough money for the amount of effort you are putting in, then building a theme based content website can really give your Business a boost.

Building a theme based content website offers one of the highest leverage, lowest cost marketing avenues you will find ... if it's done right.

Let me ask you a couple of questions -

  • Would you like to wake up every morning with more money in your bank account than when you went to bed the night before?

  • Would you like to find out how you can sell a lot more Products or Services to both your Local Customers and to a huge and growing Global marketplace?

  • Would you like to increase your customer numbers by 100%, 200%, or more... and have them buy more products or services more often?

  • Would you like to multiply the value of your Business and make it instantly saleable because you had a marketing system in place that guaranteed the purchaser would have repeat sales from a growing list of targeted, loyal clients?

If so, this Special Report is what you have been waiting for

As mentioned in other articles on this website, Marketing Genius Jay Abraham has said that there are only three basic, yet critical things that Business owners, and particularly home based Business owners, have to focus their attention on to create a thriving, profitable Business. They are -

  • Increasing the number of customers,

  • Persuading those customers to buy more initially, and

  • Encouraging their customers to buy more frequently.

More customers, buying more goods or services, more frequently - that is the essence of creating a super profitable Business.

But most Business owners don't focus their time and energy on these three things.

They tend to focus on what is most urgent right now, like answering the phone, or fixing a small problem with the photocopier, or answering emails and attending to visits from suppliers, customers or sales people.

These things all have to be done, but the problem is that most Business owners do nothing else!

  • The don't have time to develop a Lead Generation System that brings in a constant supply of new prospects, day in, day out.

  • They don't consistently follow up with their existing customers - the ones who have already given them their trust and money. Studies have shown that it is up to 7 times more difficult to sell to a new customer than an existing one - why not take the easy money?

  • They don't have a mechanism for asking their customers what they really want to buy. If you ask for your clients feedback, they will tell you what they want from you. Then it is simply a matter of selling it to them.

Find more customers, ask them what they want, sell it to them. That is the success system for Business.

Then, follow up with your existing customers consistently, offering them similar products or services to those they have already purchased - the backend - where all the money is made in a business.

This is all you have to do to make a fortune in your Local Business

This Special Report will focus on the three critical areas that Jay recommends - Creating a lead generation system that will help you find more customers, then using the Internet to sell more products or services to those customers and follow up at regular intervals to make sure your customers keep coming back regularly.

Before you can make a sale, you need a customer.

I think it would be fair to say that most Businesses don't have too many customers. Every Business could use more people walking in the door, or calling on the phone, or sending faxes or emails asking for more of whatever it is that you sell.

So now it's time to get to work on creating a System that will bring you a never ending stream of warm, willing to buy customers for your Business and help you keep them coming back for years to come.

Robert Kiyosaki, in his wonderful book, Rick Dad, Poor Dad, says something along the lines of - "The rich spend their time building systems. Great systems are what make the rich, rich!"

There's a lesson in those words for all of us...

Finding Your Place On The World Wide Web

The Internet has been vastly misunderstood. The Dot Com boom and subsequent Tech Stock crash left thousands of Business owners wondering what happened to their dream of easy and immediate online riches.

There is a vast amount of money to be made on the Internet, $billions in fact, and many online fortunes will be created over the next few years, but you have to go about building your online Business the right way.

You can start small, and build a marketing machine that will grow ever more profitable over time, without large chunks of your capital being invested month after month.

You may want to begin by promoting your online Business only to your local customers, then expand to a global marketplace with your products and services later on...or not - it's totally under your control.

There are many strategies we will discuss throughout this site that can take the results of your Local Business Marketing campaign from average to extraordinary.

This article is about one of the best ways of doing this - Building a Theme Based Content Website

This type of website consists of many pages of articles and information related to a particular topic or 'theme'.

It can start off as one page, which you can promote via local advertising to attract local customers to your Business as we discuss in the Local Business Advertising article, then grow to tens or hundreds of pages of related content that give your visitors all types of information and in the process, offers them products and services to suit their needs.

Once your Theme Based Content Site gets large enough, it acts like a giant funnel, bringing in free traffic from the major search engines - visitors who are interested in the theme or topic discussed on your website and are looking for more information.

Long term, this is by far the best way to generate sales on the Internet, as the visitor traffic comes to you free, but initially you will need to spend a small amount of money on marketing your site by other means until the free traffic starts to flow. We will discuss how to build and market a profitable Content Site shortly.

A theme based content website is part of your step by step plan that will allow you to dominate your local area and be recognised as the local 'Expert' when it comes to any of the products or services you sell.

We will discuss other marketing methods in later articles.

So please, grab a beverage of choice, settle back and read on to discover some simple, easy to implement strategies that will massively boost your sales and profits.

The Opportunities Presented By The Internet Are Unlimited

Most Local Business owners don't think they need a website - they feel that because they sell only to customers in their local area, it would be of no benefit to them, so why bother?

This article will show you how to create a multiple streams of income from your existing Business (or how to build a completely new one from scratch) using the power of the Internet.

Let me ask you some questions -

  • Would you like to have hundreds or thousands of new visitors calling in to your Business each week, spending their money with you?

  • Would you like to make hundreds of additional sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to customers you have never met and are never likely to meet? Then have the cash paid directly into your bank account, in many cases have no product to physically ship, and have an automated follow up system to sell additional products or services to those same customers indefinitely?

  • Would you like to consistently steal customers from your competitors because people see YOU as the local expert in your field, then increase sales to those customers by offering them additional products and services that you know they are looking for? Your opposition won't have a clue how you are doing it!

  • Would you like to turn your customers into unpaid evangelists, who tell everyone they know about your and your Business in the best possible way?

  • What would it mean to you if you were able to close your doors and take a couple of weeks holiday any time you felt like it, so you could spend a relaxing break with your family and still make consistent profits from your Business without any involvement from you?

  • What kind of problems would having huge new streams of cashflow from your Business solve? How much extra freedom would that give you?

  • Would you like to be able to hand your children a Money Tree Business when you retire early, instead of just giving them a job working in a Business they don' t really like? (that's if they even want to continue running your Business, that is...)

  • Or would you like to sell your Business for thousands more than it's currently worth because you multiplied your sales and profits far above what you are making now?

In this article we will discuss how you a website can help you achieve all of these things faster than you ever thought possible. Interested?

OK, so lets begin

Just a quick note before we get started - we are going to cover a lot of ground here, so you might feel a little overwhelmed at first.

Please don't worry - by taking it one step at a time you can do this, and it's definitely worth it...

Building a high traffic website offers you the highest leverage, lowest cost marketing you will ever do for your Business.

Your website is like a giant Yellow Pages ad that sucks in interested buyers and compels them to give you their email address, visit your store, contact you for an appointment or buy directly online straight away.

If you set it up correctly, visitors will come from all over the world as well as locally to buy your products and services. And you can access much of this visitor traffic for FREE if you build your website so that it is attractive to both human and search engine visitors.

True, it takes time before you start to build free traffic from the search engines, but once it starts, it builds and builds, as so many sites that are set up correctly are finding.

First, you get a few visitors, then 50 a day, then 100, then, who knows...many sites that are based on profitable niches or areas of great interest to many people get thousands of highly targeted, willing to buy visitors each day.

The owners of these websites make wads of money every day - and every night, while they sleep! (Ah, the Money Tree Formula in action)

In a few months, you could be doing the same...

And in the meantime, while your Free traffic is building, you can use the strategies we will talk about in the local business advertising article to bring local visitors pouring in to your website for a few dollars a week until the free visitors start coming in droves.

Doesn't this beat the results you are currently getting with your marketing?

If we could be alive at any ONE time to get rich, it would be now, because of the Internet!

- Forbes

The Internet is the most powerful marketing medium ever created. It allows small Business owners to compete easily with multi-national corporations and take their share of the consumers dollar without spending a fortune on marketing.

You can become THE Local Expert in your field

And the Internet is still relatively new - the opportunities are HUGE for those who get on board now.

In a few years, every man and his dog will have a website (most of them will still fail to make any money because they don't have a clue about marketing, but there will be a LOT more competition) - but at the moment, the field is wide open, allowing you to get the jump on everyone else and get yourself established as THE local (and Global?) expert in your field.

You can grab all the customers you can handle now before your competitors wake up, and by consistently giving those customers great service and quality information through your regular newsletter or ezine (very simple to do, as we discuss later), you won't give them a reason to shop anywhere else.

So when some existing or new competitor offers your customers a few dollars off a product trying to lure them away, they will remember the relationship they have with you and ignore the attempt to steal their Business away.

A website and email marketing through your ezine or Newsletter can turn your customers into raving fans - people who won't leave you no matter what your competitors offer them, and who recommend you to all of their friends - and studies have shown that word of mouth marketing is the most powerful way to find new customers.

Wouldn't that be nice?

OK, lets outline the step by step plan you need to make this happen. A high traffic, profitable website is within your reach...

But first, from the beginning, what is a

Theme Based Content Site?

A Theme Based Content Site is a website that offers visitors information that is tightly focused around a topic or area of interest that appeals to a certain group of people - a Niche.

For example, sport is a niche, but it is too general to be used as the basis of a website on it's own. Lacrosse would be a great example of a niche that has many devoted players who could surf the Internet looking for information and products related to their sport.

It is a niche that could have significant possibilities for building a profitable website.

There are thousands of niches all around us - your Theme Based Content Website needs to focus on one of these that is related to your Business and provide interesting, relevant content to the people who are looking for it.

When you build web pages and submit then to the search engines, the engines crawl through them looking for key-words and an overall website theme. It is important that every page stays closely on topic - in other words, it carries on the overall theme of the site. If you stray too far away from your theme, your search engine rankings will suffer because they will see you as less relevant.

The pages are then listed in the indexes of the search engines, and when someone in Gympie searches for say 'lacrosse equipment Brisbane', your page with the same or a similar name (For example, your web page for your Brisbane based Business that sells lacrosse equipment called www.everything-lacrosse.com/lacrosse-equipment-brisbane.html) will be returned in the results that the searcher is given.

The key is getting your pages ranked near the

top of the search engines

Some topics have millions of search results returned for every key-word, which means millions of competing sites trying to attract the same visitors - you have to be in the top 20 in the search results to have any chance of being seen by anyone, preferably the top 5.

That is your goal, so you have to be sure that you choose a niche that doesn't have an overwhelming amount of competition and also offers you the potential of making a good profit - in other words, it has to contain people who have money to buy the products or services you are selling without lots of competing sites.

It is no use focusing on a niche that has lots of people with no money or people who don't use computers or technology - they will not be in a position to find out about your website or buy anything from you.

So, lets start at the beginning and go through the process of creating a Theme Based Content Website and you will understand what simple process that has the potential to create significant wealth for you and your family.

Ken Evoy, Internet 'Guru' and one of my Mentors is the President of Sitesell.com, and he has developed a system that, when followed consistently, just about always results in success.

He calls his system C-T-P-M...

  • Content

  • Traffic

  • Pre-selling

  • Monetization

By following this proven process, your website cannot fail to produce results.

Before we continue, I'd like you to skip to an article written by Ken that explains his C-T-P-M process in detail, along with how his Solo Build It! suite of tools can help you easily profit from his system in your business.

So please, click on the link below and read Kens article so you have a fundamental understanding of his strategy and the tools available for you to build your own website, if you ultimately decide that it's what you want to do as part of your marketing strategy and then hit the back button on your browser to come back here so we can continue, because I have lots more profitable information to share with you.

Click On This Link To Read This Article NOW.

OK, welcome back.

So, With Ken's system in mind, let's review what you have just read...

As Ken says, it all starts with Content

On the web, content is king.

Millions of searches are done every day by people looking for information. Just one search engine, Google, handles up to 3000 searches per second! (source, Australian Financial Review, Saturday May 1, 2004)

People all over the world, and just around the corner, are looking for information on all sorts of things.

The trouble is, most websites are nothing more than a few pages of rubbish cobbled together, filled with banner ads and flashing, moving text and graphics - websites that are an affront to your senses.

Or they are just sales letters trying to flog you something, or doorway pages stacked with key-words whose only function is to re-direct anyone who happens to click on the search engine listing to some other page - a page that is just a sales letter trying to sell you something.

This sort of thing frustrates the search engine companies, whose main goal is to provide relevant search results to their customers.

When you build a website that has high quality content, it enhances the search engines standing and makes them look good for including your web pages in it's listings. Your high quality pages gradually push their way to the top of the search engine rankings, where more and more people find you, which in turn means more visitors to your site.

So, decide on a theme related to your Business, then simply build a website around that theme

Create pages of relevant content that give your readers information about topics related to that theme. The more pages the better.

Each page needs to tie in with all of the others to a common theme so that the entire site follows logically along the same path. The search engine spiders will find the site, read through each page, and decide on the overall theme.

It really doesn't matter what Business you're in, where you're located, or what you product or service is. You need to be on the Internet!

- Ted Ciuba

If all of the pages and articles are grouped around the same theme, your pages will be considered highly relevant to search queries made by web surfers looking for information on that topic.

The more relevant content you have, the higher your site will rank in the search engines.

Eventually, you will start to receive some consistent traffic from the major search engines. It can take several months to see your first visitors, so while they are on their way, keep building more and more content pages.

If you aren't a great writer, that's no problem. You can find great articles FREE on the web that people have written and made available for you to use on your website.

A great source of free content is the Directory of Ezines, but there are many other places you can find Free articles - just type 'free website content+your topic' or 'free ezine articles+your topic' into a search engine like Google.com and you will find hundreds or thousands of matches.

Note - by putting the plus between the two key-word phrases, it asks the search engine to provide you with matches that contain both your theme or topic and free content.

When you find a suitable article, simply write an introduction, insert the article below it including the authors contact details, then write a couple of paragraphs at the end showing how the article ties in with your Business or theme.

Finally, offer your visitor a product or service that is related to the content or story in the article, or if you want to gather email names, which should be your major goal anyway as we discuss below, ask for that instead.

Simple...but be careful not to use articles written by people who are your direct competitors - always use articles that offer great content related to your theme but aren't promoting products or services that will take sales away from your Business.

Pretty soon, your visitor traffic snowballs until you reach the second stage -

Visitors arriving by the hundreds...then Thousands per day

As traffic builds, you continue creating more and more quality pages tightly focused around the same theme. Your visitor numbers will start to grow and many of them, when they read your great, informative content, will continue to tell their friends about your site.

Over a period of several months, your traffic numbers should continue growing if you have done all the right things when building your website - optimised your pages, submitted them correctly to the search engines, kept building pages of quality content.

And by the way, if all of this sounds like too much work or you simply don't have the time, I'll share an easy solution with you in one of the follow up emails...

Once your traffic is flowing and your visitors are reading your information and returning regularly to see what's new, it's time for the next stage...

Pre-selling - Giving your visitor the information

they are looking for

Pre-selling means forcing yourself NOT to sell products or services to your website visitors. It is the key to long term success on the Internet.

Think about it - people come to your website from a search engine looking for information. If they find a sales pitch, they will usually just click away - "Nah, there's nothing here"...click. They're gone in a flash.

Pre-selling means giving your visitors the information that they are looking for, and then making a recommendation on a product or service that might be just what they are after.

Pre-selling means writing informative articles that explain step by step how your visitor can solve a problem or find a solution to something that's bugging her.

Your articles should contain between 500 and 1000 words (although shorter or longer is OK, too, depending on what you have to say) and give your visitors information that is relevant to the topic that they searched for at the search engine.

You must be careful not to come across as trying to sell her anything or you will lose your visitor in double quick time - the object of your article should be to educate and inform. Your sales site or that of your Merchant partner is where the selling is done.

Once your prospect knows what she needs to do to solve her problem, you have earned the right make some recommendations for products or services that can help her do just that.

These recommendations of course are to buy your product or service (if it does indeed satisfy her needs, of course) or to purchase a product or service from a Merchant that you are affiliated with (we will discuss Affiliate Programs in more detail later).

Remember though, the sales website that you send her to does the selling - your content website merely offers her a recommendation.

If you try to sell on your content site, your visitors guard will be up and they will resist your offers. If they do then click through to your sales site or that of your Affiliate Merchant's, they will feel doubly pitched to - and your chances of closing a sale are extremely limited - don't sell - Pre-Sell.

And now - Monetization - Your Reward

for helping your Customers

Content is building, Traffic is flowing, you are Pre-selling your visitors and informing them about how to solve their problems; now it's time to turn on the cash flow taps of your website.

If you provide good, valuable information about topics that interest your visitors, they will be receptive to your recommendations when you direct them to visit another website, call you for an appointment or promote a product or service to them via your affiliate link.

By not trying to sell them anything on your content website, your visitor arrives at your sales site or that of your Merchant partner in an 'open to buy' mindset. You have shown them how to solve their problem, and given them a link to a website where they can buy a product to do just that.

The process flows naturally and easily. But if you give them a sales pitch on your website and then they get another one straight away on your Merchant's site - sorry, they're probably not going to hang around.

Many people will like what you say and buy a product or service on their first visit to your website, but the vast majority won't.

You need a mechanism to capture your visitors email address so that you can send them regular offers and encourage them to come back to your website or one of your Affiliate Merchant's sites to make a purchase.

With this in mind -

If you haven't already done so, now is the time to launch your Ezine or online Newsletter

As I mentioned earlier, your ezine will be your most powerful marketing tool - email marketing is the 'killer application' of the Internet.

It will help you create a relationship with your readers and place you right at the top of the pile as a knowledgeable 'expert' on the topic that they are interested in.

The main goal of your website should now be to get your visitors email address.

Selling products or services directly from your website should be a secondary consideration - if you get your visitors email address, you can correspond with that person over and over again in the future - you can offer this highly targeted customer relevant products and services indefinitely - with no marketing cost!

There is no faster way to get rich than on the Internet!

- Robert Allen

All you have to do is send your subscribers quality, free information on a regular basis, and in the months that follow your little ezine will turn into a money tree...as a rule of thumb, for every subscriber on your ezine database, you can expect to earn between 10 cents and one dollar or more per month! That's a pretty good case for building up a large ezine list as quickly as possible, wouldn't you agree?

Tell all your offline customers, friends and suppliers about your newsletter and mention that you offer 'subscriber-only' specials. Offer everyone you meet a gift Voucher or special discount coupon in exchange for giving you their email address.

As you build more pages that complement the theme of your website, more visitors will find you via search engines and tell their friends about your website. Your customers will also continue to check out your 'subscriber-only specials' because you are going to offer them in your ezine.

Include Coupons for Special Offers in each Ezine

You have to make it super easy for people to join your Newsletter list - it has to be a no-brainer for them to sign up, so you should offer your visitors something Free to encourage them to give you their email address.

It doesn't have to be an expensive item - a Free Report that you write yourself that provides additional quality information that isn't available anywhere else is a great incentive, a Discount Coupon or a Free Service of some type will encourage people to give you their email address.

And remember, once you have their permission to send messages via email, you can market your products and services, along with those of other Businesses you represent through Affiliate Programs, indefinitely, FOR FREE!

Side Note - I will discuss Affiliate Programs in depth in the Bonus email series - details shortly.

Did you get that? You can send the subscribers on your email list messages targeted to their specific needs, forever, FOR NO COST!

Then each fortnight or month when you send out your newsletter, you simply write a short article about one aspect of your Business, giving your readers good, solid information, with a text link that looks like this at the end to a page that takes them to a sales website (it can be on your site, or someone else's) where they can buy a product or service related to the content of the article.

You can also include a special, limited time Coupon offering them something related to the article that has can be retrieved either online or printed out and brought into your store.

This 'in context' text link doesn't look and feel to your readers like a typical ad, it's more like a recommendation from a trusted friend (you), so your readers natural buying resistance is reduced and they are typically very receptive to your offers.

This is especially true if you have consistently given them good information and they trust you - your readers will feel like they know you and will take your recommendations easily without resistance.

You're not selling them something - you are simply an expert making a recommendation.

You can promote many different products and services to your list of readers each time you publish your ezine, and every time you send it out to your list a small percentage of them will buy whatever it is that you offer them.

Can you see the potential here to build a Business with Multiple Streams of Income coming from all merchants around the World, 24 hours a day, every day?

It truly is a wonderful opportunity - if you are prepared to grab it.

Once your theme based content website is at this stage and you are receiving some traffic and publishing your ezine, there are many other income streams you can simply add to the site, and other products you can offer to your list of ezine subscribers.

But of course, submitting to the free search engines takes time to generate traffic to your website, and much of it isn't Local traffic, your bread and butter customers.

The free traffic will come and build your Business for you in a couple of months time, but what if you just want to build one page and get some sales happening right now?

Let's explore some marketing strategies to bring in local visitors fast.

OK, so now your offline marketing is working and you are starting to get some Free search engine traffic - what's next?

What do you want your visitors to see

when they get to your site?

The first thing your visitor MUST see is a compelling, problem/solution type headline. By highlighting a problem that they are already focusing on, then offering them a solution, their brain immediately focuses on what you have to say.

The brain is a natural problem solving device - present it with a problem and it will immediately go to work on trying to solve it. If you also offer a problem and a solution in your headline, it's work is done for it and it will sit up and take notice.

Remember, your visitor isn't thinking about buying anything. They don't care about you or what you are offering. They just want to know how your free information can improve their lives.

If your headline doesn't grab them by the neck and scream 'read me', they're gone, usually forever.

You have about 5 seconds to capture your readers attention, or else you'll never see them again.

The Internet offers instant gratification. If you don't capture the imagination of your prospect immediately, there are plenty of other sites that will, along with their wallets, you can be sure of it.

So your headline is critical in getting your visitor to read the rest of your information and hopefully give you their email address.

Depending on your target market, you should be able to adapt some of the ideas below to create a powerful headline for your website.

As marketing master Sean D'souza says, the best type of headlines contain three qualities -

  • They pose a question

  • They present a problem and then the solution

  • They make the reader curious

With these three points in mind...

Here are some Headline Ideas you can model

for your own Business

Would you like to work less and earn more money in your Business?

Would you risk getting ripped off with your new car purchase? Don't sign anything before you read this FREE Report

Are you about to make any of the 5 deadly mistakes 99% of people make when protecting their homes against termites?

Does your child ever embarrass you?

Are you sick of being overweight? This Free Report shows you how to lose weight fast, without missing out on the foods you love

Hate being ripped off by your bank? This Free Report reveals the sneaky little secret banks use to turn their accounting problems into YOUR FAULT! (What you discover here could be the most important news you read this year!)

Are your headlines missing these precise psychological triggers?

Why am I selling my home for $30,000 below market value? Local Agents have told me that my home is worth $330,000, but I don't want that much. I am prepared to sell to the first genuine person with $300,000 cash this weekend!

(This last headline works like crazy with just about anything - cars, your Business, collectables, anything! When people call for an appointment, arrange for everyone to arrive at the same time and watch the feeding frenzy happen - truly magic!!)

Study these headlines, and then adapt them to suit your Business, product or service.

A great headline will grab your readers interest and virtually force them to read further, looking for the answer to the problem that you just highlighted. You have their attention, don't lose them now!

Next, a blatant sales effort right off the bat will lose a large proportion of your visitors pretty quickly.

The Internet is all about finding information, it's not about getting sold. Tell me, when was the last time you went on the 'net to get sold something? Probably never. Your visitors are searching the web for Information - Free Information.

That is what you need to provide on your website -

Free, quality information

Just enough information so that visitors get an idea of what you are all about and how they will benefit enormously from reading what you have to say, but they are compelled to learn more by either giving you their email address, coming into your Business or calling you to make an appointment.

If you offer FREE information in your description (which you should), you better have something there for them to read that's relevant to their search query, or they will be gone in a few seconds.

Start your website copy by posing the questions your reader is asking herself right at that point.

For example, adapt some of these questions to your audience -

  • Are you sick of diets that don't work and leave you feeling frustrated and miserable?

  • Would you like to make safe, consistent profits from trading the Stock Market?

  • Are you looking for the secret of successful relationships?

  • Is the only person making really good money from your Stock trading your Broker?

  • Are you sick of working for a boss who is incompetent, has no people skills, doesn't appreciate your efforts and treats you like a dog? (I can relate to this one!)

  • Can you see the benefits of creating a powerful, romantic relationship with your spouse?

Whatever your target market is, think about the problems they are facing on a daily basis and bring them right out into the open - make their problems big and bold and force them to focus on the pain of the problem right up front..

As mentioned earlier, most people walk around all day focusing on their problems. Your message will really hit your visitor between the eyes and make her sit up and listen if you address the exact problem she is thinking about at that moment and then offer her a solution.

Sit down in a quiet place and think about the top 10 problems your prospects are facing. Write them down and turn them into questions like the ones above.

Remember - make the problems they are already thinking about at that moment big and bold so your visitors have to focus on them right there and then.

Then, simply show them how you can

solve their problems for them

Give your visitors just enough information on your website so that they know what to do, but don't tell them exactly how to do it. Then the only logical solution is for them to call you to set up an appointment or maybe even buy your product right there and then.

Now what you offer must be suitable for their needs and of excellent quality, or you won't have a happy customer, and the whole idea is to create happy customers who will not only buy from you in the future but tell their friends about you and get them to buy from you as well.

You are the expert who knows how they are feeling and can help them out of whatever their current problem is - you have instant credibility with your readers because you told it like it is, pointed out their problem and then offered them a solution.

99% of Businesses focus on finding new customers, rather than keeping the ones they already have happy and coming back. And all the profit in your Business is in the repeat sales you make to your existing customers - they already know and trust you, so why do most Business owners just keep looking for new customers and neglect the ones they already have? Crazy!!!

So this initial sale, order, email address or appointment should be the start of an ongoing relationship with your customers, not just a one time, make a few bucks meeting.

To achieve this, you have to not just meet your prospects expectations, you have to astound them.

Here's an example - Recently I wanted to purchase a digital camera. I looked in some of the large department stores and nothing really caught my attention. I didn't have a clue what I wanted, and nobody was able to help me decide.

Then I went into a Kodak Express store and asked the shop assistant this question, "What is the best VALUE digital camera in this price range? (around $500)

She showed me a camera that had all the features I needed (because she explained to me what I needed...I didn't know the first thing about digital cameras) and it was reduced that week by $200, making it an exceptional buy.

She explained how to use the camera and then wrapped it up, then she handed me a Bonus Coupon for $50 off several Kodak Express services on my next visit, then as I started to walk out the door, she handed me three DVD's as well!

Isn't that an incredible deal?

I have since told several of my friends about the service and the offer she gave me, and I'll be back as a happy, satisfied customer to spend more money in her store.

Is that the sort of service and offer you make to your customers each time they visit your Business so they want come back again and again? If not, you had better start working on some offers that astound them and make them want to keep giving you their money again and again, rather than spending all your time and effort chasing new customers every day.

Your off-line offer has to be great, but even more so on your website.

If your offer is not compelling, open for a limited period of time and restricted to just a few, people just won't buy.

When you come up with an incredible offer, see how visitors respond and adjust your offer accordingly.

Change the headline, some of the body copy, the offer, but only change one thing at a time, or you won't know what works and what doesn't.

Research has shown that most people need repeated exposure to a new idea, product or service before they will drop their resistance and part with their money (up to 7 exposures in some cases). A one time sales message isn't usually enough to make them act and purchase whatever it is that you are offering.

Offline advertising is the place to start for your local Business, but eventually you are going to want to market to a wider audience, especially once you understand the power of Affiliate Marketing.

You can create products of your own and sell them online (if you sell a service, try to find a way to turn it into a product - a book or manual, or a course or seminar, for example) or promote other people's products and services to a local and global marketplace by simply driving traffic to your website.

From here, there are many additional ways you can make money from your Local Business from your Theme Based Content Website.

This well written article by Ken Evoy discusses Local Business marketing on the web from a different perspective. It will give you many more ideas, tips and techniques that will help you profit from your local Business website.

OK, sounds great, now what's the next step?

The easiest way to build a website that works hard for your Business but requires no technical knowledge whatsoever to build is of course to use Solo Build It!.

This all in one application contain everything you need to build a super profitable web Business quickly and efficiently.

You don't have to have any idea about the technical stuff, nor should you want to know about them. That's because the money is in the marketing, not in having the technical know-how to build a website.

Solo Build It comes complete with everything you need to build a website that works, it requires no knowledge of anything remotely technical and is remarkably inexpensive.

The manual that you download off the web as part of the package takes you through the process of building a high traffic website step by step in easy, bite size chunks.

From developing the 'Best' theme for your website, to brainstorming highly profitable keywords, to building the pages and submitting them to the search engines, to creating and sending out your ezine, it's all made simple.

You simply go through the process one step at a time and in a few days or weeks, depending on the time you have available, your website will be up and running, ready to bring you Free, targeted traffic.

Visitors who are hungry for the information and products you have for sale.

So, let's briefly recap

Finally, I'd like to go through the points I mentioned right at the very beginning of this article one at a time to recap what we have discussed and make sure I covered everything -

  • Would you like to have hundreds or thousands of new visitors calling in to your Business each week, spending their money with you?

If you decide to use it, the Solo Build It! process and suite of tools virtually forces you to create search engine and human visitor-friendly web pages if you follow the guidelines in the Manual. Website Wizard is good too, it's just that Solo Build It seems to get higher search engine rankings for it's users.

By building your website right the first time, soon hundreds, then thousands of visitors will be reading your web pages every day, telling their friends about your website and acting on your recommendations.

  • Would you like to make hundreds of additional sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to customers you have never met and are never likely to meet? Then have the cash paid directly into your bank account, in many cases have no product to physically ship, and have an automated follow up system to sell additional products or services to those same customers indefinitely?

Your website is open all hours - it's your unpaid slave, giving people the information they need. You can sell products or services 24 hours a day without you having to be there to take the money. Solo Build It! easily integrates with several third party providers of payment services, and the new E-Goods module is coming soon.

You can also correspond with your ezine subscribers any time, telling them about special promotions and offers in addition to giving them great information that educates them on why they should give their Business to you.

  • Would you like to consistently steal customers from your competitors because people see YOU as the local expert in your field, then increase sales to those customers by offering them additional products and services that you know they are looking for? Your opposition won't even have a clue how you are doing it!

By building a relationship with your customers through your ezine, your competitors won't be able to touch you. Plus, when your customers tell their friends about the great service, specials and personal service you offer them, your competitors simply won't be able to compete with you.

  • Would you like to turn your customers into unpaid evangelists, who tell everyone they know about your and your Business in the best possible way?

As I mentioned above, be continually following up with your customers. Use your ezine to survey them to find out what they want, and then give it to them.

They will recommend you to all of their friends because you continually offer them products or services they need and you stay in touch - most Businesses simply do not do this - and it costs them dearly. Word of mouth marketing is a far more powerful way of attracting new customers than anything you can say to them.

  • What would it mean to you if you were able to close your doors and take a couple of weeks holiday any time you felt like it, so you could spend a relaxing break with your family and still make consistent profits from your Business without any involvement from you?

By having an online presence, you can still make sales through your affiliate links and joint venture partners while you are on holidays or taking time off from your Business. The cash is automatically banked and all you have to do is spend it...

  • What kind of problems would having huge new streams of cashflow from your Business solve? How much extra freedom would that give you?

I can't think of any Business that couldn't use more cash flow. Your website will be the hub for multiple streams of income to flow into your life. Google AdSense, affiliate programs, joint ventures with other, non competing Business, as well as the sale of your own products or services has the potential to multiply your income, and a lot of the work can be automated.

  • Would you like to be able to hand your children a Money Tree Business when you retire early, instead of just giving them a job working in a Business they don' t really like? (that's if they even want to continue running your Business, that is...)

What would it be like to hand your kids a license to print money when you eventually decide to retire? It would certainly take the pressure off your family finances, wouldn't it. Many of these multiple streams of income are Residual - they flow no matter what you do. Set up correctly, the money will flow for years!

  • Or would you like to sell your Business for much more than money because you multiplied your sales and profits far above what you are making now?

How much more would your Business be worth if it earned three times as much net profit? Probably a lot more I'd guess. If you can show potential buyers a proven marketing plan, consistently increasing profits and how your Business is earning income from many sources 24 hours a day (Multiple Streams of Income), they will be happy to pay you well.

And when you are ready to sell, you could use the headline I showed you earlier to start your advertisement, because we know that a great headline is everything, don't we? You remember the one...the headline that starts with -

Why Am I Selling My Dry Cleaning Business For $30,000 Below Market Value?

No matter what type of Business you are trying to sell, (just substitute 'Dry Cleaning Business' for your type of Business) this headline will attract attention and make your telephone ring off the hook with calls from willing buyers.

Remember, when people call for an appointment to inspect your Business, arrange for every potential buyer to arrive at the same time and watch the feeding frenzy - the results will astound you!!

So now we have covered everything I spoke about in the introduction.

I hope you can see why you do need a website for your Local Business. It truly offers you the highest leverage you can get when marketing your Business and increasing your income.

Now I know we have covered a lot of ground here, and you might be thinking that it's all too hard. But I promise you, if you really want to create a Money Tree Business, you can do it!

Plus, the Internet is still young - the opportunities are spectacular - as the quotes throughout this article from these respected authors and Forbes Business Magazine attest -

If you want to profit from the Internet boom you must act now!

- Ted Ciuba

The time to do this is NOW...and I will help you do it right!

If you are still unsure whether you really need a website for your Business, please feel free to email me any time by using the Contact Form here.

Or you can call me in Australia on 07 55432004 or International on 61755432004 and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

I sincerely hope that you have found this article helpful and informative, and trust that you will find more valuable information that you can immediately put to use in the articles recommended above.

If you have any comments or questions, please don't hesitate to phone or email me.

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