Build A Money Tree Business And Get Well Paid For Doing What You Love...

By Rocky Tapscott

Do you currently own a Business or are you considering buying or starting one?

Are you sick of working for someone else and want to go out on your own and work for yourself?

Would you like to actually build wealth for yourself and your family in your Business without working like a slave 7 days a week, 14 hours a day?

Then this article has the potential to massively improve your life if you understand the key distinction I am about to share with you....

Lots of people finally get sick of working for someone else and decide to start or buy a Business of some sort. 

The problem is, statistically most of them will fail, either because they give up in frustration or simply run out of money to keep going. 

After 5 years, 90% of Businesses either no longer exist or have been sold because the owners just couldn't make a go of it.

And there are so many Business opportunities that are really no more than buying yourself a job. If you start or buy a Business and you physically have to be there every day to drive it along - sorry, you've just bought yourself a job.

Every weekend, there are countless adds in Newspapers everywhere offering thousands of Businesses for sale. Businesses like carpet cleaning, lawn mowing, book-keeping, car detailing, dog washing, take away food shops and Restaurants. 

Honestly, these types of Businesses aren't the answer. They all produce 'Linear' income. You only get paid once for every hour that you work, they don't offer enough leverage to make you wealthy, and you usually have to do a lot of the work yourself.

The most profitable, most easily run, highest leverage Businesses in the World are what best selling Author Robert Allen, in his best selling book, Multiple Streams of Income, calls Money Tree Businesses

He has developed what he calls a 'Money Tree Formula' to determine whether a Business is worth considering or not.

If we apply the 'Money Tree' formula to all of the businesses mentioned above, they will all be eliminated immediately, as will most other Business advertised in the newspapers. If a Business you are considering doesn't fit the 'Money Tree' formula... then keep looking until you find one that does.

So, what is the 'Money Tree' formula?

The letters 'Money Tree' can be broken down into the following formula -

M - Stands for Multiple Streams of Income - Any Money Tree Business must have the potential of generating more than one income stream from the same assets or information.

O - Stands for Outstanding Products or Services - A Money Tree business only offers the best products and services to it's customers - anything less and those customers won't stay very long. The goal of a Money Tree Business is to do the work once and then have the income flow for the rest of your life. By selling only quality goods and services that are in demand by a hungry audience, it is indeed possible to create income for ever.

N - Stands for Nothing Down - A Money Tree Business must be able to be started with very little or no money down. It must be able to expand and grow from the profits it generates - it must not require constant injections of new capital to survive. This rules out all types of franchises and most other Businesses as well.

E - Stands for Employee Resistant - Employees can be a pain in the butt. They are dangerous! They can begin to feel like they are entitled to their jobs. The fewer of them you have around, the better. If you want something done that you either can't or don't want to do yourself, you can always hire an independent contractor. Avoid employees unless it's absolutely necessary.

Y - Stands for Yield - Money Tree Businesses must offer high profit, high yielding income streams. Quality products and services that have stood the test of time that provide ongoing residual income streams without risk are what you are looking for here.

T - Stands for Trend and Timing - Starting a small Business against the trend is like swimming against a fast flowing stream. The Internet is the biggest trend that has hit planet earth in the last 200 years. This is a trend you can latch on and ride as far as you want to go.

Running a small Business is hard enough without trying to swing against the flow. Choose a Business that is with the trend. Then it's like floating downstream with the current.

R - Stands for Residual - Residual income means that you get paid over and over again for work you performed once. If you go to work for a day, you usually only get paid once for the day. If you don't show up the next day, you probably won't get paid.

A Money Tree Business offers you the opportunity of doing something you love doing once, and then being paid repeatedly for that work into the future. For example -

  • Songwriters, Actors and Authors earn royalties

  • Affiliates get residual commissions on products that have a monthly renewal fee

  • Network marketers get residual commissions

  • Insurance agents and Financial Planners get renewal and trailing commissions

  • Marketing consultants often get a percentage of gross revenue in addition to their up-front fees

  • Real Estate owners get rental income and capital gains over time

E - Stands for Everybody, Every Day - Ideally, the product or service you sell should be needed by as many people as possible, every single day. It should be essential, or as close as possible to essential, to a large and highly motivated segment of society.

The more people who need it and the more often they need it, the more successful your Business will become.

E - Stands for Enthusiasm - You really have to love what you do. If you hate what you are doing, you'll never put in the effort required to make it really successful. You can probably make a few dollars selling something you aren't really passionate about, but it will be a hard slog all the way.

Sell what you love and the money will follow

If you are doing what you love, it never seems like work. That is the secret of many great fortunes - the wealthiest people in the world love their work. Many of them would do what they do for free if they had to - they have found a way to do what they love and turn it into a Business.

They can't get enough of it - they just want to do more of the same thing, and they keep getting paid more and more for their efforts.

So, your challenge is this - find a way to either turn your current Business into a Money Tree Business...or get into something completely different that has Money Tree potential.

There is no point in spending your life doing something you hate. So work out what you have to do to create a Money Tree...and then go out and do it!

Building a website that is based on a theme or topic that you are passionate about or love is an ideal way to create a Money Tree Business.

If you have ever thought about doing this, or if you would like to find out more details on how you could build your own website, then this article on how to build a theme based content website may help you avoid some of the pitfalls of setting up your online Business.

So, did you get the key distinction I mentioned at the very beginning?

Please, don't be like the masses and simply buy yourself a job to get away from your other job. Make the decision to create a Money Tree for yourself and your family - it may be the best decision you ever made...

I sincerely hope that this article has opened your eyes to the potential of doing something you really love and being paid handsomely for it - in fact, you can create wealth right out of nothing!

Find a niche that you are passionate about and go after it with everything you have. You can make a fortune if you help enough people get what they want (as opposed to what they need!)

It truly is possible...I wish you well as you look for or create your own Money Tree Business opportunity.

Until next time,

Kindest Regards,


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