"So What's In The Do It Yourself Package, And Is It Right For You?"

Our Do It Yourself Package is perfect for you if feel comfortable building your web Business as I outlined in my 39 Days To A Profitable Website Report, using the Solo Build It! Manual to guide you and with my ongoing help and support - more on this below.

You will need to bring your own Brain and Motivation (BAM as Ken Evoy from Sitesell calls it), but the results that thousands of other people have achieved prove it is entirely possible to make a full time living online if you follow a proven system.

This is not a get rich quick opportunity...it's a chance for you to build a real Business. You can build an ongoing stream of income for yourself and your family in addition to anything else you are currently doing.

Take the long term view. Build something real. There really is no other way to succeed. If you look at the ranks of today's wealthiest Business owners and investors, not one of them got to where they are by chasing get rich quick schemes. They are for fools chasing a dream.

I could go on, but I'm sure you get my point.

If you would like to read some case studies of how several ordinary people have used SBI! to avoid the scams and Mega-hype that pervades the Internet these days, and built successful online Businesses for themselves and their families, then please Click Here, then come back here when you are ready.

OK, you're back.

Now please remember that I can currently only offer this entire package to Australian residents. The logistics of working with you if you are overseas is just too difficult at the moment with my other commitments. I apologise for this but I'm afraid that there isn't anything else I can do.

With that in mind, if you feel you can emulate what the people in the Case Studies have done, what I did with Just German Shepherds, or maybe even do it better, let's have a look at what's included in this package...

Our Do-It-Yourself Package includes –

1) A professionally hosted Solo Build It! (SBI!) website complete with your choice of domain name registered for 12 months. SBI! truly is the Rolls Royce of website building packages. I use it because it's to use and inexpensive...and that beats hard to use and overpriced in my book every single time.

You can create an unlimited number of pages and upload and download an unlimited amount of data each month.

SBI! is a complete website building solution that requires zero technical knowledge and yet will help you build a professional looking, traffic producing website from scratch.

2) A comprehensive Instruction Manual (a Manual that calls himself a 'Guru'...go figure) that takes you through the 10 step process of building your own profitable, search engine sexy website, plus if you need it, efficient 24 hour email technical support from Sitesell.com.

3) The SBI! Manager, a powerful brainstorming and organisational tool that allows you to find the most profitable 'keywords' related to your Business or Niche market that people are searching for online.

4) The ability to automatically capture your website visitor’s name and email address, so you can send her your regular Newsletter or ezine to stay in touch, offer her quality information, tips and advice, and of course promote your products and services.

Regular contact with your customers is vital to keep your Business at the top of their minds and keep them coming back over and over again. All of your subscribers have to ‘double opt-in’, which means that they have to agree twice to be placed on your database, so there is no chance of you ever being accused of spamming.

5) Unlimited email accounts that can re-direct to your own personal email address if you want them to. In fact, there are too many features to mention here. If you go the SBI! homepage via the link at the end of this letter, you'll see what I mean. You won't use all of the modules at the start, but you probably will eventually.

6) Membership in my brand new Mentoring Program - Membership entitles you to an initial one-on-one telephone consultation with me personally to discuss the goals you have for taking your Business online, improving on what you are already doing, or the plans you have for starting a new Business online.

After reading my free Report, you should already be familiar the specific steps you will be taking to get your website up and running quickly and efficiently, without spending months searching for this information and getting sidetracked by a bewildering array of alternatives. This call will expand on your knowledge and help you apply these steps to your own personal situation.

The sheer volume of information available about marketing on the Internet these days causes many people new to the 'net to get 'analysis paralysis' and simply do nothing. This consultation will help you avoid this trap and get straight into building a profitable website, and is valued at $47

7) Your membership also includes five additional 15 minute one-on-one telephone coaching sessions with me where you can discuss any problems or roadblocks you are finding that are stopping you from moving forward with your website.

Plus you get unlimited Free email support from me for as long as you need it for non technical issues such as keyword use and placement, writing sales copy, writing headlines and more.

Ask me a question about anything on the non technical side of building and managing your website (you know, the stuff that SBI! technical support can't help you with, or things that you don't understand in the Manual) and if I know the answer, which I probably will, I'll tell you.

Nobody else offers this as a Bonus when you buy Solo Build It! and it is valued at $447

8) I will also give you assistance in finding the most profitable keywords for your chosen site theme. Using the services of Wordtracker, I will brainstorm an additional list of at least 50 and possibly 100 or more tightly focused keywords specifically for your Niche market that the SBI! Manager hasn't found.

This bonus, valued at $129, is included in the program so you can hit the ground running with your new website and use only the best keywords in your page copy for maximum impact.

I encourage you to use these additional high profitability keywords in your web pages to help generate extra visitors and sales from your website, and I will show you how to get the most out of each word...

9) The potential to earn lifetime residual commissions simply by recommending our services to your customers and suppliers. Value???

10) A goldmine of marketing advice, information and resources that will help you market your products and services to more customers more profitably through your Free subscription to my Newsletter, Local Business Online

11) Regular, unadvertised Bonus Reports and advice not available from anyone else...let's just say that you'll have a few surprises...and leave it at that. Value???

So there you have it. Over $623 worth of exclusive Bonuses are yours if you purchase your Solo Build It! website by Clicking on this link.

But here's the rub.

Because I don't know how popular this Mentoring Program is going to be or how much of my  time it will take up, I have to limit these Bonuses to the first 10 people who order SBI! from this page and send me an email to verify their purchase.

I'll be honest, I don't want to spend a gazillion hours on the phone. After all, I can make a lot more money by using my time to grow my own Businesses.

So if you are number 11, sorry, you'll have to wait until I've finished helping the first 10. 

And then again, I may not offer these bonuses again anyway. 

If this Mentoring program works out as I expect it to, I'll be charging a fee to join, rather than giving away consulting time as a bonus.

So if you want to take advantage of this, you'd better do it now. If you delay, you'll miss out. So don't end up kicking yourself by waiting if you want to start making money online, just go right now to the link below and grab this deal.

Oh, by the way, there's just one catch for getting all of these Free bonuses. 

Later on, when your site is up and running, I'm going to ask you for a testimonial. 

And I'd like to give me one. 

Just an honest, frank appraisal of how I helped you build your Business online. That's all I ask. Sound fair?

Important Note - You are only entitled to all of these Bonuses if you have not purchased a Solo Build It! site or another Sitesell product from somebody else previously. If you have, and you buy SBI! via the link above, they will receive the payment from Sitesell.

However, to be fair to you for giving me your Business and becoming a client this time, if you are already a Sitesell customer, please email me before you purchase another SBI! site using the link above...I may still be able to offer you some support, because I want to help all of my clients any way I can.

To Claim Your Bonuses - When you receive your SBI! purchase confirmation from Sitesell, simply send me an email containing your receipt number and I will activate your bonuses immediately, if you are one of the first 10.

I will take this page down once the first 10 orders are confirmed, so if it's still here, you should be OK.

Remember, All You Have To Do Follow a Simple Step By Step Process

By following the process outlined in the Make Your Content Presell manual provided as part of SBI!, your website will be up and running quickly without a lot of back breaking work - it will of course require some focused thought and effort on your part, but it isn't difficult to build a profitable website if you are prepared to put in the time required.

You are building a real Business.

No Business can operate without the efforts of the owner.

Building a web Business is no different to building any other sort of enterprise...except that once it is up and running, you can automate nearly everything you do. Try doing that with the offline part of your current Business...

As I said earlier, this option is perfect if you have a small amount of time to get acquainted with the tools and software and then a few hours a week to follow the action steps one by one. It requires absolutely no technical knowledge to build a website using this system.

If you can turn on your computer and use a word processor like Microsoft Word for Windows, you can build a professional website that will attract targeted visitors to your Business if you follow the instructions in the Manual.

So there you have it.

If you would like to build a profitable web Business of your own, plus receive personal assistance from me that will take months off your learning curve, then Click Here to visit the Solo Build It! home page, read through what Ken has to say there, listen to your intuition, and if it tells you that this is right for you, go for it.

Or, if after reading through my free Report and this page, looking at the Case Studies and visiting the SBI! Homepage, you feel that you just don't have the time to build a website yourself, and you would like to discuss having me build one for you, or would like to look at some other alternatives, then please call me on 0401 307144 or email me at rocky@localwebsolutions.com and we'll work something out.

I can't wait to hear from you so we can start working together to help you build a profitable web Business.

I wish you all the best,

Kind regards,

Rocky Tapscott

Local Web Solutions

P.S. There has never been a better opportunity to build a profitable and lasting relationship with your customers and prospects than right now using the power of the Internet. If you don't have a website or your current site isn't as profitable as you would like it to be, then take advantage of this coaching offer while it's still open.

P.P.S. Depending on the demand for the personal consulting Bonuses, I may have to pull these out of this offer at any time. If you have already bought your SBI! package however, your Bonuses are locked in. If you think that this might be right for you, then Click Here Now to grab your place.