Your Solo Build It Bonuses Include...

As part of this exclusive Solo Build It bonus package, in addition to personal coaching and support from me, you'll also receive these bonus ebooks -

Understanding The Money Tree Formula - The first time I heard about the Money Tree Formula from one of my Mentors, best selling Author Robert Allen, I was intrigued. He had written about it in his wonderful book Multiple Streams Of Income

I have used this formula as a template for my life, and it's something that every Business owner should be aware of. I wrote this eBook to share Robert's idea with my clients. I don't claim this formula was invented by me because it wasn't, but it's so profound that I feel it is well worth sharing. Value $19.97

  • An ebook I wrote called Optimize SBI in which I share little known ways to supercharge your search engine positioning and outrank some really well built sites in both Google and Yahoo. Value $47

  • An ebook that shows you step by step how to upload .PDF files into your SBI account. You won't need this right away, but sooner or later you'll want to be able to offer your visitors free viral ebooks for download from your website, and this will make it so easy to do that, you will be very happy you've got it with you. Value $9.97

  • Another ebook I created entitled Get Indexed Quickly that will show you how to get your pages spidered and listed quickly by Yahoo, MSN and Google. Value $47

  • An ebook entitled Hitting The Search Engines which contains additional little known tips on optimizing your website for maximum effectiveness. Value $19.97

  • My 39 Days Ebook, where I show you the exact day by day activities I undertook to create a brand new SBI site and have it produce it's first dollar of income, without paying for traffic, in just 39 days. 

Armed with this information, you could be able to do it even more quickly than this if you follow the plan. Value $29.97

  • An ebook written by Frank Garon entitled Subconscious Selling - Slipping Under The Radar Screen, that shows you how to get past your customers natural buying defences, get into the conversation that is already going on in her head, and virtually force her to take the action you want her to take. Value $19.97

  • An ebook containing the transcript of an interview with Search engine expert David Cavanagh where he delves deeply into tactics for getting your website's pages ranked even more highly by the major search engines, giving your site the highest possible visitor numbers. Value $19.97

  • An ebook containing an interview with ten top Internet Marketers who each had just 7 minutes to reveal as many good, solid, instantly actionable money making strategies that YOU can use today, tonight, tomorrow and for the rest of your time on the Internet to increase your sales and profits. 

This recording was taken at the recent World Internet Summit on Queensland's Gold Coast, and it contains some nuggets of information that will amaze you. Value $29.97 

  • An ebook featuring Jennie Armarto that will show you how to turn the web into your own personal wealth machine. You'll discover how this rebel Aussie Businesswoman is taking the Internet World by storm and building incredible wealth for herself and her family. Value $19.97

  • An ebook featuring "The Internet Audio Guy", Mike Stewart, who shares the secrets of creating in demand, high value, low cost audio and video products which you can sell from your Solo Build It website for huge profits. Value $29.97

  • An ebook entitled - What To Do AFTER You've Made Your First $10,000 On The Internet . . . How To Set Yourself Up For Huge & Automatic Profits

Featuring Margaret Berman, Ted Ciuba, Brett McFall, Tom Hua, Armand Morin, Mal Emery, David Cavanagh and Jennie Armato, this ebook is required reading if you want to set your website up on auto-pilot and make consistent profits online. Value $14.97

  • And finally, I've saved one of the best bonuses for last. Marketing legend Jay Abraham's advice has helped to create countless millionaires both on and off line. This ebook, as Jay says inside, conservatively valued at $279, gives you a wealth of information on massively boosting the returns you get from virtually any business. 

I sat reading with my mouth open, wildly scribbling notes as I read through the pearls of wisdom in this concise, 35 page ebook. I'm certain you'll be amazed at the power of some of the techniques Jay shares for improving the bottom line of virtually any business. 

You'll come back to this book over and over again for strategies and inspiration...I know I do.

  • Regular, unadvertised Bonus Reports and advice not available from anyone else...let's just say that you'll have a few surprises...and leave it at that :-)

These ebooks and extras are great and will give you a solid grounding in building a profitable Solo Build It website, but what I've found most people really need and are most thankful for is the guidance of an experienced webmaster when they need their questions answered.

That's the most important bonus I can offer help and mentoring...and it doesn't cost a cent more...

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