Here's How To Quickly And Easily Add A Shopping Cart To Your Website

If you are ready to offer products from your website and you don't want to go through the hassle of setting up Merchant Accounts just yet, then this is how you go about it...

The easiest way to get started with ecommerce and 'getting the money' out of your website is by using a PayPal Shopping Cart.

It's simple to set up, inexpensive to use and is perfect for people starting out who only have a few products to sell. It has no signup, set-up, or monthly fees and PayPal's "per transaction" fees are comparable to a regular merchant account.

PayPal's Shopping Cart offers a low cost way to develop your first, second or even a third stream of income.

Three income streams? You bet...and why stop at three? The web is bursting with opportunity, so why not make the most of it?

Consider a residential landscaping company owner who uses the Internet to market his local business.

Income Stream 1 - He builds a client base for his landscaping service using his Theme Based Content Website, email marketing, writing articles for other people's ezines, Pay Per Click Advertising and Ezine advertising.

Income Stream 2 - From his website, he sells large ceramic urns and pots and retail garden supplies that he delivers regularly to his local clients, and an eBook he has written titled 'How to do Your Own Professional Quality Landscaping and Save Yourself a Fortune.'

Income Stream 3 - Affiliate income - he recommends garden accessories, soil and gravel supplies and paving supples from other local merchants and receives commissions when sales are made through his referrals.

Service, product and affiliate incomes!

See? Three very viable sources of income all "growing" on one website.

Of course, you are probably aware by now that the easiest way to build a website is by using Solo Build It! (I've said that enough on this site, haven't I?)

So you probably have a SBI! site already and you are ready to start using ecommerce to sell your products or services (that's why your reading this article, I guess, so lets get on with it then :-)

So how do you actually add the PayPal Shopping Cart to your SBI! site?

There are three simple steps to the process...

The first step in this process takes place in the SBI! Site Builder

Upload the pictures of each item you have for sale into your Graphic Library. It is easiest to do these all at the same time so that they are ready to select from your Graphic Block. Return to building/editing your "sales" page, and choose an item for the Graphic Block.

Next, write a powerful, emotive description of that item into a Text Block above or below the graphic of the item for sale. Try to talk about the benefits your visitor will receive from purchasing each product.

Don't just describe features - put some emotion into each description. People buy on emotion, then justify their purchase with logic, not the other way around. Use emotion in all of your marketing and you will make more sales...

The next step takes place at PayPal (it's easiest to open a second browser window)

Log into your PayPal account, select "sell" and then select the "shopping cart" option.

Next, in the form provided, enter specific information about each item you wish to sell (the details like name, price, color). Other options are available for selection as well -- for example, custom "Add to Cart buttons."

When you are finished, PayPal automatically generates the necessary html code using the information you just provided.

Select and copy this code.

For the final step, return to the SBI! Site Builder window.

Now, paste the html code that was generated by PayPal into the appropriate Text Box.

Repeat this process for each product you are selling. Depending on the layout you are using, you may be able to simply cut and paste the code directly into each product's accompanying description text box, or you may need to select a new text box.

When you are finished, build the page.

PayPal offers an easy, cheap way to sell your products, test the demand for various items and expand your business. It is a good place to start, but as your sales grow, you may need something a little more robust. Then it's time to look at dedicated Merchant facilities, or SBI! E-Goods.

For more information about opening a PayPal account, visit...

I hope this article has been of interest. If you have any questions or comments, or would like any more information on building or marketing your website, please contact me by using the Contact Form and I will be happy to help in any way I can.

Kindest regards,

Rocky Tapscott

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